Blood work?

No dr that I've been to has asked for blood work. I tell my symptoms and they chalk it up to pure anxiety. They say to manage my stress better. Well, I have been but it just isn't going away. I can tell I'm getting better, but I'm not quite there yet. I can't stop the sometimes feeling of dizziness and ears feeling full. Not all the time, but most of the time. How do they know that this is anxiety just by what I tell them? lol I don't understand it. Yes, I know anxiety can manifest itself in so many ways... but why is this symptom lingering?


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  • Hi Mama1204, what you are experiencing is yet another common symptom of anxiety. I have it myself from time to time. Muscles get tense in our head, face, jaw, and even our ears. (which have muscles too) When I feel that, I take it as a reminder to hydrate because muscles need hydration to work properly. I also know that my stress level must be high and so I do relaxation and deep breathing. Using audio visual helps with bringing that pressure fullness in the head and ears and calming down the dizzy feeling. Don't worry about it, accept it as a sign of anxiety and let it go.

  • Thank you. My self is so stubborn and all but refuses to believe what my mind tells it lol

  • We are all like that Mama. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's that darn anxiety making us believe it's something more.

  • You ask why it's lingering....imagine you had a stray dog come and annoy you and to get it to go away you gave it a bone. It went away and ate the bone but came back for more. This is anxiety. While you are constantly asking "what is this feeling", "why is this happening", "what if" etc, it will hang around because you're feeding it. Ignore it and go about your life without acknowledging its presence and it will disappear!

  • I'm really trying to do that but it's easier said than done

  • Of course it is, but it is the truth.

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