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Hi Iam from India 24 years old.I don't know whats happening to me.I keep thinking all day.I try to watch TV,talk to somebody but my mind keeps on working.The only thing which i love is sleep.I just dont want to wake up because i know same thing will happen.I get very anxious about 5pm daily because nobody's home at that time.Everyday i think i will pass out.I have tried everything tried talking going outside but my mind keeps thinking about last panic attack.I think of getting panic attack every time.I think i have every disease.My family members are sick of me.My girlfriend keeps calling me coward.I cant sit in car it starts freaking me out everytime.I cant use stairs it freaks me out.I cant go outside.Iam afraid of everything. I think everything will effect me.I cry alone all day.I cant help it.I have prayed tried everything. I read on internet About excercises.IF i begin doing it i start getting nervous than i leave it.Only thing which escapes me is lying in bed watching video but i have to go out work.I cant have medicine because i think medicine will ruin me.My heart pumps faster when i think.I keep on checking my heart rate to check is it panic attack? when its normak i get relieved but when its fast it becomes more fast and i worry more and i get another attack.Please help me as i dont want to live this kind of life.

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what you're describing is definitely generalised anxiety/panic disorder. Although mine isn't as serious as yours, i still live with constant fear of having a life threatening illness and deal with racing negative thoughts. I can never stop thinking no matter what I do. It's like i never get a break. This leads to anxiety attacks. I suggest you get help with this. Go to a therapist, someone who could reassure you and assist you. I will be doing the same shortly. Hopefully then I will be able to put my mind at a little more ease. x


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