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Hey guys I'm feeling really worried right now I keep getting this brain fog feeling its like my brain feels really numb almost like a brain freeze for a second and it feels tight.. its making me feel like i got a brain tumour or something! it also feels kinda heavy when i get it as well it makes me think like I'm going to have a seizure or something when i have it but i know thats just me being paranoid.

also whenever i lay down on my front like rest on my elbow my head feels really heavy almost like the blood is all stuck on my head do you guys know what that is ?

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I get that sort of feeling when I get tensed up and clench my muscles in my neck and shoulders. Kind of works its way up from the base of my skull then (probably because I'm not breathing well to get enough oxygen) my head feels really cloudy throughout.

I tend to lean a lot on breathing deeply into my stomach when I feel things like this. You get anxious and your chest tightens so you can't get a full breath. Then you're not getting enough oxygen so it starts to affect you in weird ways and make you more anxious about what you're feeling. Take some slow breaths and focus on expanding your stomach as you inhale.

As far as what you're talking about when you lay on your stomach, that probably has to do with slowing down your blood flow from having your arm pinned up like that. I get all kinds of weird sensations when I lay in that position so I generally avoid it.

Not sure if any of this helps, but I hope so!


Hi i get this too its been going on for weeks but to start with it was a headache now it's more like a sensation that keeps coming I can't concentrate with it. I'm very anxious and keep thinking its a brain tumor or something but I think it is all down to my anxiety. I hope u feel better soon! Try not to worry too much go to the Gp if it gets worse.


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