The strangest sensation i've ever had

So I was lying in bed after making myself a cup of tea. When I woke up I felt very positive and my anxiety felt like it had disappeared. However all of a sudden my brain felt like it was vibrating and I became dizzy, afterwards I had a wave of heat rushing through my body. I panicked so my heart rate now is through the roof. Does anyone else experience this?

So scared:(


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3 Replies

  • Yes I do all the time I could be having a lovely day then it's turns suddenly into a panic my heart racing, just try and keep yourself calm the feelings will pass soon, when they do pass keep yourself occupied don't dwell on it you will have ups and downs, stay positive.

  • yes. its a horrible feeling. i get so anxious at times ,it does pass so try not to worry to much.Can you distract yourself by doing something. anxiety makes us feel lots of strange feelings. thats why i try and do something to keep myself busy.

  • Thank you both ever so much. I've been thinking all day it's just me! I've been trying to occupy myself however I just keep getting waves of anxiousness. I feel better now i'm not alone! I hope you both are having a lovely day x

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