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Fastest chest flutter I've ever felt


I just had a really fast flutter in the left side of my chest. I felt it in my ear aswell as my chest.only lasted about 3 seconds but it was that fast it's really freaked me out. I've been doing ok too. Off my meds. Trying to be positive. Had good results from the drs. I was just sitting here and it hit me. So now I'm freaking out and thinking please don't go back to square one again. I've worked so hard to get myself feeling like I can at least function. I'm questioning everything now. Did the drs miss something? Should I still be on medication? Is my time nearly up?

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Hi Jane, keep thinking positive.. dont think about the flutter if you can.. you are doing well!

Jane3285 in reply to rajsam

Thankyou I am determined to beat this. Just so annoying that I've been doing well and my chest completely out of the blue decides to do that

rajsam in reply to Jane3285

look at the bright side.. it was only 3 seconds and that could of been just the body adjusting to being without medication...

Yes thankfully well I've been of the meditcation for nearly 3 weeks now I think

Lm92 in reply to Jane3285

Jane, this happens to me too! Ever since I was a young teenager I'd have these moments when I was laying in bed or sitting still and I'd feel about 5 seconds of quick fluttering in my chest. Of course it never happens when I've worn monitors, lol. I figure I'm 37 now and still alive so it must be okay. It is disconcerting when it happens though. I think the key is to just change directions when it happens. Usually I'll make myself cough, then get up and take a quick walk around or even turn on a funny YouTube video. Anything to get my thoughts on something different.

Jane3285 in reply to Lm92

I think because it's fairly recent for me . Yeh I try distractions. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. I do the coughing think too.

I have had this for years...I take metropolol 3x a day and it is life changing! I can still feel the flutters a little but I KNOW it won't kill me. It is an uncommon thing, to feel these, most people don't feel it but just know you are unique and in tune with what's going on inside! It is a better way to look at it and I am OK with that knowledge. Good luck.

Hi yeh I do feel very in tune with my body. A bit too much sometimes 😩 Just wish my mind would accept I'm ok as the Dr said they are benign.

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