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I've had anxiety for a long time but last few years are unbearable. I was told I have pleurisy which is inflammation of the membranes around the lungs. Makes it hard to breathe, makes anxiety spike but here's my question. I have muscolalskeletal pain in my back and chest from this but when I take Klonopin my breathing symptoms are barely noticeable and my muscle pain starts going away. I've had EXTREME anxiety for along time but this is crazy. Can anxiety really manifest to this extent? I know what it's like to feel tight and hard to breathe from anxiety but this is a different ball game. Anyone have knowledge on this? I mean, the pleurisy is real but why does Klonopin make it better, becausr more of it is anxiety than what I even realize or what??

P.s. I had this pleurisy same time last year but was put on Klonopin quick so didn't experience it like this for this dutation. If I don't take Klonopin I'm suffocating it feels like!

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AdamH9194, It doesn't surprise me that the Klonopin is helping you cope with your pleurisy. It's working two fold in helping you to relax your muscles as well as change the negative thoughts in your brain. Relaxing helps the musculoskeletal pain which in turn allows you to breathe more easily. As for your question if anxiety can really manifest itself to this extent. By all means it can. Pleurisy is real and is painful. I wish you better days soon. Take care.

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Thank you, God bless you

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