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Weird Abdomen Feels

I've had this for a while now. My upper left abdomen twitches alot.. like I get gas pain in that area and all throughout. It's like a pulsating feeling. I don't feel any major pain at all to worry about. But when I feel constipation or gas build up I can belch and I can the gas passing through that entire region and it sometimes Sounds like it's difficult for it to pass through. Nonetheless, any time I get the pain in my chest I have to either use the bathroom or belch. I get the sensation and twitches when I'm hungry, tired, stressed, or constipated. Does anyone else get this sensation? Also there's a lump there. It's not a mass or anything I've been to my doctor and a massage therapist. They felt it and everything and there's nothing abnormal there. Even my doctor says there nothing to worry about. But it's weird. My certified best friend says I'm feeling digestion or whatever.

Anyone else?

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