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Extreme dizziness and headche

Does anyone feel extreme dizziness( not vertigo)? I feel all the time especially when walking and doing households. And also shortness of breath is together with dizziness. These symptoms are off and on the whole day. I feel really afarid and sad bcoz of my conditions. Please advice me!!!

PS# I have done MRI last 4 months ago and dr said my brain is normal and no disease found😔

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I feel like this everyday :( i feel sad and cant even get out of bed, i know how you feel trust me, my doctor told me is bc of my anxiety and depression idk why

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ask your doctor for dizziness/vertigo medication its worth a shot. But dizziness is extremely common for anxiety sufferers.


This is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


just in case other things on the list ring bells. The usual test for B12 deficiency isn't a particularly good diagnositic tool so getting a diagnosis can be quite difficult. If it does sound like a possibility then I would suggest that you join the PAS forum on health unlocked

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