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Hey, has anyone else suffered from anxiety/depression all their life but not realise? because thinking back I've always suffered from anxiety like I remember I would think about my breathing then I would suddenly forget how to breathe normally and would freak out about it and take deep full breathes till I get light headed.. but its like now I know its anxiety Its made it worse for me.. can anyone relate?

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yes I had severe social anxiety when I was younger I think stemming from being bullied

I had a fear of death at a very young age and I was always spazzy and worried about everything


Anxiety fear has ruined my life, it controls every aspect of my life, to the point I decided to never have children for the simple reason I could not think of them suffering as I have.

From going outside, sickness, work, relationships, family, socially, death, and my worse fear of all Hospitals and surgery, and as I am now 54 my ailments are multiplying and inevitably going to need plenty more hospital visits especially as I have developed fast AF and irregular heart beat, made worse by anxiety. So not really copping to well, plus sleep deprivation making everything much worse.

But I ain't beat yet.......... still trying

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Hello stix .iv been like it since I can remember I was very nervous as a adult like as been a nightmare at times,Iv had times when I haven't been so bad,but never well and free from anxiety,Iv always kept it to my self,embarrassed at people knowing I suffer with my nerves,I put my make up on and do my hair and believe me everyone thinks the world is ok.not that you are dying inside .one year ago I was on holiday I was very poorly with a chest infection I had to see a doctor,he absolutely freaked me out saying my cough was least of his troubles ,that my blood pressure was through the roof and I needed the hospital immediately ,hence to say I have had a crap year,I know have a phobia against the be machine.i tried several tablets but they made my anxiety worse which the pharmacist said is a side I'm trying to lower it with diet.ita viscous circle my bp is hight because the anxiety,the anxiety is high because of the bp .I'm fed up with medication which I hate,and fed up of doctors..

I recently heard about a lady named Claire Weeks,I sent for her books and cd..I think it might be the best thing I have ever done.i really understands what she his is really worth a look,I have seen that a few people have mentioned her on here..I am really hoping she works..I'm 67 it would be nice to have some freedom at last.take a look she might be able to help you....x

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Yes. For sure I've been there. Now wen some one has a panic attack near me. They say. I can't breath or I forget to breath. I tell them hold ur breath as long as u can. If your heart stops or ur body doesn't automatically just force u to breath eventually. Then you know it's physical. If your heart keeps beating and you eventually have to take a breath then you know ur going to be ok. So my advice. When you feel that way. Call a friend and say. I'm going to hold my breath. If I don't respond in 40 seconds or so call 911. Trust me. You will breath. And everytime u remind yourself that it's all in your head you will gain confidence. And this little stupid thing will leave you alone. Because just like it attacks subconsciously. Eventually your subconscious will LEARN. And it'll change the outcome. Until one day your just all better.


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