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Here we go again!!

Does anyone out there have these symptoms that just about always kick in around mid morning and last until late in the evening.

Unsteadiness, tingling, tiredness, sleepiness, shaking hands, dry mouth, sore neck and shoulder muscles, 'heavy' head, loss of appetite, weight loss, no motivation, feeling like i'm going to fall over but never do, short tempered, on edge, jittery to name a few.

I have a couple of hours in the morning where i'm ok then for some strange reason it just shows out of the blue, Other thing is I work too many hours and feel i'm becoming burnout and this can induce anxiety, anyone else similar??

Thans Dunc

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Yes. I am currently dealing with a bout of the nausea and dizziness, on edge feeling right now. I am trying to push through it. As I need to care for my daughter. Hang in there, and remember we work to live not the other way around. Try to adjust and find a good work to life ratio. It will take its toll if you don't find balance.

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Yes i feel all those symptoms quite often


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