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Dumped after recent bereavement

I just wondered if anyone out there can give me some advice. My relationship with the love of my life, after six years together ended recently, she basically decided to leave me for reasons I'm not all to sure of, and it was by a really short and cold I stand message. The thing that's mighty hard is my dad recently passed away and then being dumped like that has really taken all my strength and reserves. Rally feel like giving up on life.

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Why would you give up, all the things that your father taught you are still in you so he is always there with you.

It is always hard to see a way out of things like this but you will be ok, plan things for the future and aim for them, go for them and give yourself a purpose and reason to move on.

I bet you have many happy memories of your father, use them to help you through this. It takes time but you know you can be happy again.

Sorry for your loss mate.



Thank you Jim that's very reassuring, your right, our father's have taught us well and we all have that innate survivor in us. Just hard to battle grieving and processing my dad while being left heartbroken by my partner of six years. Bless you


Just came across this thread. this happened to you last year. how are things with you now, I went through something similar myself last year. ( not quite as bad as losing a parent) but I was dumped just when I needed love and support. I am still struggling today to be honest, hence why I am now on here


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