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Hi everyone my name is Albert I am 31 years old . I was born in Kosovo. in year 2000 there was a war I lost my all family in that war 5 brothers 2 sisters and father and mother . I was picked up from the Red Cross and came to uk , I studied and started a building company I was doing OK in 2013 I felt very unwell I was diagnosed depression & anxiety the last 4 years I have bin in all sorts of meds nothing has worked for me . In the last 4 years I have lost all my friends I have spend all my money on dr because my gp tolled me to man up an deal with it ! I have tried to get back to work but my depression is so bad I can not keep a job , if this continues I will be on the street , if you can help please do what can I do to deal with my depression so I can have a life . Sorry my English is not great , but I need help

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Ask your GP for a referral to a psychiatrist; try the nhs crisis line. I'm sure that you won't have tried all possible medications, and there will surely be something that helps.


I have tied many meds for post traumatic stress syndrome ie depression and anxiety. The best for me is Cymbalta 60mg in morning 30 mg at night. Wishing you well


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