I have anxiety and suffer with panic attacks. I suffered with them as a child and my twenties. Prozac changed my life and brought me relief for many years along with CBT therapy. Recently my husband, son and I moved out of state for a job and have had to establish schools, doctors, secure housing etc. I suffered a panic attack shortly before moving and another a few weeks after arriving. It has seemed to snowball since then and I am in a high state of anxiety most of the time. My heart races,I check my pulse multiple times and worry it means some bad...then I start to cry... it brings some relief. It helps to talk with others who have walked a mile in your shoes.


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  • this will help

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  • Hi Cjonesabq, one thing anxiety sufferers do not like is Change. Anything unexpected prompts anxious thoughts. You have had multiple changes recently. This certainly explains the symptoms you are experiencing. Give yourself some time to adjust. There's no rush. First things first on your list of things to do. Make sure you give yourself some time each day to relax and meditate. Use deep breathing throughout the day to calm both your mind and body. I'm sure you will meet others like yourself who have gone through these changes as well. Either through your son's school, job or even your doctor may have some ideas in how to cope with the additional stress and anxiety. I wish you well and much happiness in your new home. Take care.

  • Thank you for your kind words of support. I have been here almost 6 months but in that short time we lived in an apartment for 3mos., shopped for and purchased a home and one month later I came down with pneumonia and sinus infection which kept me sick and on meds for 2 months. They anxiety and panic attacks became worse during this time. I am feeling thankful to have forum for support.

  • Cjonesabq, That certainly didn't help in getting so sick during that stressful time. I can only hope that things will start settling down for you soon. I also hope you are feeling better and back on your feet again. By all means, use the forum as often as you need to for support and understanding. Take care...

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