Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with GAD, it started after a panic attack over a serious health scare and I found I could no longer stop worrying. My main issue right now is that I have focused my worry on strange feelings in my face. These started whilst worrying over the health scare and once I got the all clear on the scare I seemed to focus on these feelings and have convinced myself I have a rare cancer of the sinus cavity. I genuinely have feelings of pressure, discomfort and stuffiness but, I can't work out if the symptoms have come on from researching the feelings and finding this cancer and thus experiencing them or if they were there first and are making me anxious!! I don't even know if that makes sense!!

GP very understanding and has given me anti anxiety meds to try first. I keep trying to bring myself back to what I consider reality and normality But I'm struggling! All very new to me this feeling of constant anxiety and fear, never had any issues in my life before, it's awful!

Well that's me. Xxx


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  • if you can start building up a knowledge of anxiety. there are so many books out there, i've read a lot and will continue to read. with every book you get a little more knowledgeable, and once you have a foundation of what anxiety is you can work to live with it better. none of these books will cure you , i still struggle to this day but i can at least tell myself, this is just anxiety talking, there is nothing wrong with you. i'll still get my panic attacks and worry but i know its just anxiety and rarely anything serious. try not to read too much on the internet about symptoms if you have an ailment. stick to the well know sites like webMD etc if your doctor has told you there is nothing wrong with you (not the anxiety) then take their word for it unless you think something has changed.

    it's not about ignorance. it's about getting the balance right. get wise to anxiety and you can stop it getting a grip on you hopefully. i'd get your name down for some CBT too if you can. your doctor should be able assist. again they will give you techniques for dealing with and maybe some reading material. i got a good series from my CBT nurse.

    remember your deep breaths. hold it, breathe out.

  • Great advice pestaa and perfectly said.

  • Thank you for replying. I have started reading tonight, now I've been to GP and admitted how im feeling I've decided to try and take control. (Something i like to have!!) My GP didn't tell me nothing to worry about in my symptoms just said he believed they were anxiety related and to see if they lessened/disappeared with treatment. I can't say I disagree rationally with him. He's known me so long as his patient and professionally (I'm a nurse in same area) I trust him, wish he'd said no way is this cancer but I suppose he can't at this stage. I know in my rational head the chance of a rare cancer in a woman of my age is so slim but it doesn't stop the anxiety attacks which is what made me realise this is an illness as I can't stop feeling this way. I have found it very hard to admit these feelings, I think in my head people will be shocked to here I'm struggling and professionally I should be able to cope, I'm supposed to help others!. I actually think my job has played its part in my anxiety, I've worked in A&E, palliative care and now in risk management dealing with things when care goes wrong, so I've seen a lot of sadness and death for many many years. I think I'm actually ready for therapy now I'm older, never had any, not even debriefs professionally and I've seen/dealt with some terrible things! Times have changed now thankfully for professionals but in my younger years you just got on with things. It can't be healthy to participate in these things and then lock them away?

    Gonna try and talk more (I'm normally very private, not even my best friend knows how I feel) thanks for listening. Xxx I'm breathing a lot tonight! Xxx

  • All of these things that you have witnessed have to take a toll somewhere. You've done really well to keep it all together thus far. What you are describing, in my opinion, is no different to ptsd. I'm not sure how much the human brain is supposed to be able to cope with but I know my anxiety has always been under the surface, it just got worse after the loss of my mother and sister and more recently the loss of my long term job through redundancy. I know how all of this has made me feel and whilst it is terrible, I feel what you have been through is a lot worse. I hope there is someone that can talk with you and help ease your anxieties. Wishing you well.

  • Thank you,

    I personally am a believer that pain (physical or emotional) is what the person says it is not what someone thinks it should be. Whilst I have dealt with a lot professionally, personally I think I've done ok. Not lost a loved one since my grandparents, so to lose your mum and your sister must be so hard. I watched my best friend nurse her mother through lung cancer and the effect losing her had on her it's no wonder your anxiety got worse. I hope your treatment, whatever they may be are helping.

    I'm going to talk to my gp when I go back about some counselling, I keep telling my kids they must talk about things, don't bottle them up! Time to take my own advice. Just wish these damed symptoms in my sinuses and head would go away, I swear that would stop this fear. Xxx

  • I totally agree with you on that. Everyone copes differently to things that happen in their lives, there is no "one size fits all" for anxiety, depression or any other emotional issue. It's all a very personal journey.

    The saddest thing about my mum and sister is that they were both totally avoidable. Mum was calcium toxicity from a supplement administered by the aged care facility and my sister was non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. They believe it was caused by a prescribed medication that she was taking, they just dint know which one. My mum also had medically/medication induced non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver but the calcium was the fatal blow. This in turn has instilled me with fear of medication of any type.

    Treatment for me has been talking, counselling and an understanding gp. I have good and bad days. Any amount of external stress seems to cause a flare up of symptoms. At the moment, I'm trying to learn different strategies for coping with pressure of any type. Not going great yet but I'm sure I'll get there.

    I wish you well in dealing with your anxiety. I wish we could all find a simple remedy for this issue. At least we are all here for each other, which is comforting for me. :)

  • Totally understand where you're coming from a I suffer badly with anxiety and anything health related sends it OTT. Recently I've had a heart scare and have had to undergo Holter Monitor testing, Stress ECG, Echocardiograph and CT Cardiac Angiogram. Cardiologist assured me yesterday my heart is ok but I have a benign arrhythmia and has given me beta blockers to take as/when the ectopics bother me. What I couldn't get him to understand is that I'm more bothered when it feels slow (I can't stop taking my pulse now) and I get panicked that it will stop completely. Today I doubt it's gone above 50 and I'm so anxious, my tummy hurts, I have a bad headache and can't stop thinking about it. I'm not sure whether to get a second opinion, whether it's my anxiety telling me something's wrong or what.....think I need to go back to my GP and discuss with her but nothing can stop the thoughts going around and around in my head :-(

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