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Help me!

Hi, my name is Ruth. I am suffering from health anxiety. I paid the doctor a visit yesterday thinking I had MS. I actually had convinced myself of this. So I do suffer from anxiety on and off I have flare ups if you like and recently work has stressed me out and triggered it. I get sort of a tired feeling in my left arm when I am tired funnily enough and it just feels a bit heavy. Sometimes happens in my leg a bit too but has happened for years and have never had issues with movement. I also had an mri scan where they found no issues about 10 years ago maybe a bit less. I started fitting my symptoms to ms and was majorly stressing out waking up in the night and losing sleep. I had doctors appointment yesterday and had my list my symptoms ready. He basically just said my symptoms do not fit ms and I don't have it. So I am pleased but then at my desk at work this morning I got into a blind panic. Was feeling weak left arm and leg and tingling started in face a bit this ok which I have experienced at times before with anxiety. I didn't believe the doctor. What happened if he was wrong etc? What happens if there is really something wrong? I need help knowing how to manage this. Was better in afternoon as tried not to focus on it as much but it's coming and going. Writing this now is starting symptoms off again which tells me more and more they anxiety related. Amy helpful suggestions would be mega. Thanks x

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Did you tell the doctor that you suffer from anxiety?


Yes I did. I explained the rest of my symptoms and he was very clear he didn't think I had MS.


Like u amy I suffer bad from anxiety every little thing makes me think I have something horrible I've been to the doctor so many times and he says I'm fine a year ago I went to a hematologist I suffer from elevated white blood cells but he found nothing my new thing is a heat sensation on the breasts with pain went to my gyn all looks ok said looks like premanopausel even had him listen to my chest said it was fine but I think I would be ok with that no still think the worse for 3 days now I have soft yellow stool so next thought my liver it's a nonstop situation Hang in there wishing u all the best we have to try and believe the doctors

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