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Is this normal? Please help me!

Okay so I do suffer with panic attacks and high anxiety on and off. I got diagnosed 2 years ago, but my problem is I am always feeling faint like am about to pass out but obviously I haven't. And I also have a bad habit of feeling my heart beat which I always think to myself it's not beating!!!! Anybody please not just me right? Thank you

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I have experienced this too and it is anxiety when it happens to me, go see your doctor and tell them the same and they can put your mind at ease.


I suffer from this too. I'm constantly checking my pulse or looking at my Fitbit which I probably should stop wearing because it makes me obsessed. I hardly slept last night checking my heart rate. I was so afraid it would get too low and my heart would stop. So irrational, i know. I really really hate anxiety.


Is it normal? Of course it's not. However, it's definitely a part of anxiety symptoms. So don't worry, you will live. Likely, for a very long time! Bit if you qant to live a happy life, you have to find a way to stop looking for symptoms. Key to understanding anxiety is that we latch onto more and more symptoms. We scan our bodies virtually minute by minute looking for anything that appears to be out of place. And when we do the symptoms get inflated. It seems that at that time we fall into a though loop. We focus on ourselves and our symptoms. Again, the key is to quiet the mind and reprogram it so it doesn't focus constantly on self. Find a hobby, learn to play guitar, piano, violin or whatever. Go to the bookstore. Grab a whole bunch of books and see what grabs your interest. Learn a foreign language. Create best of the best rof plan for next 20 years. Be inventive. Find new friends. Join a church group. Learn to meditate. Go to Amazon jungle. Be creative. Reinvent yourself. Connect with your soul.


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