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I was on anxiety meds for years , finally got myself off. Yesterday I had the work attack ever driving in the car. Felt like everything was going back and like I was going to pass out and die. I spend most of the night anxious and afraid. Woke up this morning still feeling anxious , the pressure in the head , nervous stomach , even my ears hurt. Am i alone or has anyone else felt like this. I have things to do today and am so afraid I'll have an attack with my family around

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How long have you been off the medication? I only ask as I have heard around the 3-4 month mark of being off you can have return symptoms but shouldnt last long. They say it takes that long for your body to completely heal. I know it sounds weird but I have been reading a lot on this topic as I myself am weening off of Lexapro. just a thought. Stay strong!


Its been about month now I have been off my meds. I was only taking Clonazapam .5 once a day to sleep. I am on day 3 now with my anxiety, the heaviness in the back of the head. light headed even slight hallucinations..

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