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I'm a 30yr old married mother of two boys. I've always led a normal life, and I've always dealt with panic attacks and anxiety. They've never been life altering for me though, I could have one while driving and get rid of it within minutes no problem. All of that changed in November of 2016. I had a massive attack. My heart started beating so hard I could hear it in my ears, my breathing became short, and I thought I was going to pass out. I called an ambulance for myself and went to the hospital with my boys. Their dad was at work at the time out of town. Anyway, the dr sent me home after taking an Ativan and I was okay. For some reason, about a week later, I got worse. I couldn't even leave my house, or go into a store. The attacks were hitting me hard. Fast forward, I went to a Dr and she prescribed me Effexor and something called atarax. It works just like Ativan, only it isn't a dependent and I only take it as needed. I refuse to take any antidepressents. In the past month and a half now, ive gotten to where I can drive only a few minutes from home by myself, and can go anywhere and into any store but only as long as my husband is with me. Otherwise, I can't bring myself to do it.

My head constantly feels heavy, and I just feel ''off''. It feels like my eyes aren't focusing, when in reality, I'm seeing fine. I've had this overwhelming fear of a brain tumor, even though I have no symptoms of one. I can't knock that fear out. I'm not sure what happened to me, and why I can't make this stop so I can go back to normal. I need/desperately want my life back. This has been the hardest experience I've ever been through and I'm just starting to feel totally hopeless. Does it ever go away? Any input would be appreciated, but please, no negative replies 🙏🏻

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Yes yes yes it does go away At the moment you are just living in fear of another attack as it was so awful My first one was horrific like yours and I just dreaded going out

BUT please believe me you can stop feeling like it Firstly you must accept it was a panic attack and there is nothing else wrong with you Then you have to accept what happened did not hurt you in any way and it won't do

Try to read as much as you can about panic /anxiety you will see the symptoms are the same for everyone That panic doesn't last it has the same pattern everytime then it dies down It does affect your eyes so don't go worrying it's a brain tumour There's adrenaline pumping like mad through your body when you have an attack

Once you start to lose your fear then you are on the road to recovery It's not easy I know but you can beat it

Relaxation is the key you can't panic and relax at the same time Deep steady breathing will calm you Practice breathing techniques they are so helpful

Any books by Dr Claire Weekes or the DARE Response by Barry McDonagh will help you so much

Give it time don't expect to be well tomorrow but you can be that bit better tomorrow

Remember there is nothing to fear except fear itself

Take is slowly you will have setbacks but setbacks are good you can't have them unless you are getting better

My heart goes out to you as I know how you are suffering but it's only temporary All the very very best

Take good care of yourself 😉

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