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So scared that my flue symptoms may lead to pneumonia

Hy everyone. So today was an offish day for me emotionally, I was having one of those worse days where you are overcautious and scared that anything might happen anytime.

So in the late afternoon I started getting a headache, dry throat, hot flashes and a blocked nose. I thing those are flue symptoms, but somehow my mind keeps on telling me that its the start of pneumonia and that it will kill me. Its not that bad but still I feel like its worse than it really is. My mom died of pneumonia 10 years ago and I don't know weather that is what is causing the panick, but this is so stressing me out to a point where I can feel my stomach turning and getting bloated as I am writing this...

I so wish I was normal again

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Well firstly your guna be worried as your mam sadly passed away of pneumonia so a bet every time you get a cold you panic more thinking your going to get it. Tbh pneumonia can kill the elderly and baby's more than anything it's rare middle aged or teenagers get it. You will be ok x

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Thank you Tanya, I needed to hear that

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No problems take care


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