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Hi everyone.

So for the past year or so i have been suffering from what i believe is GAD and Social Anxiety, but lately i have been concerning myself with the possibility of OCD. Now the reason i say this is for the past maybe 5 days i have been having the compulsive need to do/say certain things. My favourite word seems to "nah". I constantly repeat the word, when i am talking with my girlfriend i slip the word in all the time and it's really starting to annoy her alot. It feels like an urge, as if i have to do it and its just constantly a thought in my head. Now another thing i have been noticing is intrusive thoughts. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes the word "nah" just pops into my head. It feels like an urge, and feels very very similar to my urge to say "nah" and so on. It feels like im losing control really. It feels as if intrusive thoughts pop into my mind and i feel an compulsive need to do that. Not disturbing things like violence or abuse but simple things like staring in innapropriate places, saying words, or just doing silly random things. I'd just like to see what you's think? Im not on any meds but i have a appointment with a phycologist next friday, where i plan to discuss all of above and my anxiety. Please help me out, just some advice or anything really. I feel like im losing the plot.

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do you have reasons why you do or say certain things? with OCD its kind of like a relief when you do or say particular words to keep you 'safe' i guess. for instance if you say a particular word when you're doing something , its a kind of like a protection of avoiding bad luck or generally speaking something bad from happening.


It does feel like a relief. But as soon as i have done that habbit or said that word or whatever, its straight back to mind! Its very controlling to be honest :/


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