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Strange thoughts and feelings.

I keep having strange thoughts and feelings.today for instance I had a thought and strong feeling to run out the house naked and just keep running to get away, WTF, not that I would do that,but the thought and feeling felt so feel. Even if I'm out and see people or dog's, I get very very scared and paranoid. I see things out the corner of my eye, and it could be anything from a tress stump, but my mind would class that as dangerous for that few second's. Even if someone is arguing or talking negative, my mind becomes very strange and stressed out. I've even got to the stage I can't be bothered to answer peoples questions much anymore, it's like my mind can't be bothered to answer. It's worse if I'm stressed, or can even cause stress when it happens out the blue. I real like I'm not reality anymore. It's been like this for few months now. I have many different thoughts and feelings that feel real and not nice.. sometimes even looking at things seem weird, also get confused a lot. It's like living in a weird dimension. Even when reading, my mind would read someone that wasn't the real word written in the book. My mind can't keep up with what ppl are saying. Not sure what to do really. It's very hard living this way, and disturbing. There is alot more of things that happen in my head, but it's hard to explain.

Any ideas what it's all about and how to fix it.

Cheers x

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Sorry t hear how you are feeling I think k you should see your go and God luck.


That just want me on pills, been there before. No luck but thanks


I have dealt with the exact same thing off and on for years now. As a matter of fact, I'm going through an episode now...over the past month. I hate it. But, let me tell you what helps...start taking magnesium, vitamin D3, and a B-complex...and, stop all sugars. Don't eat any sugar what so ever for a while. Plus, look up the symptoms and characteristics of "Pure O" and see if it's anything like what you're experiencing.

I hate dealing with my thoughts and my mind. They get horrifying...especially, if I'm under extreme stress. I've actually thought I was going insane and was going to have to be hospitalized...but, no.

Just so you know...if you're deficient in Magnesium, for instance, it can cause hallucinations and psychosis...even schizophrenia...and it can start with symptoms as simple as anxiety or depression. So, start taking those 3 vitamins I mentioned and you might want to look into adding calcium to that list as well...or just start eating a lot of raw kale and spinach, because calcium helps and is needed in order for your body to process and absorb magnesium correctly.

AND, sugar can mess with you in crazy ways and you don't even realize it. If I have too much, it causes me to have brain fog, to start hallucinating, to get paranoid, to become disoriented, and I even get short termed amnesia. It's horrible. I still have sugar from time to time, but, I limit it and I know what to expect when I eat it.

I hope all of this doesn't sound crazy...and that it helps you in some way.

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Hi Christina,

Funny enough i joined a vitamin d group on fb, and they say about magnesium, vitamin D3, k2 etc, and they have over 10.000 subscribers on there protocol with great success , and she know a lot about everything. what's fillers are in what vitamins.. she don't recommend b complex tho, due do fillers etc. only separate b vitamins.

so i will be doing there protocol soon.

I am pretty close to wanting to see someone who understands this kind of thing in person, and days like today makes me think i need to be in hospital.

but they just want u to take pills, which isn't getting to the route cause, which is so frustrating.

Yes i'm sure it good for some and helps them, but i just feel it covers up the root of the problem.

I do feel a bit psychosis a lot of times..

I have always had anxiety tho, but since seeing my brother lose his mind thinking stuff i won't mention, as what i saw got me to this stage, like planting a seed in the mind. as i feel a bit traumatized by it. my minds like a sponge. scary really.

this week funny enough I've changed my diet to no sugar, wheat, gluten etc. and i feel worse lol i have Candida, and was told this can cause a lot of problems.

I have to drink 5 pints of water a day now.

are foods are poison anyway, which don't help people.

another thing, my memory isn't good lol and my conscious mind is very slow and strange, take to long to process information.

I also get alot of brain fog.

also, people that are negative around me don't help, stresses me, so the mind becomes odd.. it's like the mind trying to protect me.

so sad hearing so many people suffering. most people i know think it's all in my head and pull ya self together, i forgive them as they have never had these feelings.

Are you taking the vitamins then? x


Yes, I started again this week. And, I suffer from Candida as well. Staying away from everything all at once caused me to go into major detox...and, that's no fun, lol. So, I decided to take out 1-2 things a month instead. And, yes, the "food" now and days is not even real food. That's why I stick to whole foods...non-gmo...mostly organic.

And, whenever I slip up and eat something bad I definitely feel the difference.

Plus, I know about the fillers thing...that's why I don't ever buy vitamins from department stores or anything. One of my favorite brands is "Pure Encapsulations". You should look them up :)


Yes i noticed stopping refine sugar has give me huge detox, hence got i got to drink lots of water. i'm trying for a beer and some chocolate lol.

i started whole foods now.

that pure encapsulations magnesium glycinate is what they recommended on the protocol.

I will be taking Now or dr's best 5000 iu vitamin d a day, with nutrigold k2 mk 7. then 2x 5000 iu 2 weeks later. pure folate 400, and bluebonnet Methylcobalamin b12 5000mcg, which desolves on the tongue.

Hopefuly it helps me, but long process i'm sure :)

Let me know how you get on :)


Also what B-complex are you taking?


how do you get a test for candida?? theres a way to actually test for it?



I think with severe anxiety we get these wonderful thoughts but the fact is we don't carry them out but when we are getting them yes we feel at times we must be going mad , but the thoughts are the anxiety and it helps to keep a hold of us the more we fear them

People without anxiety will get these fleeting thoughts but that is just what they are to them fleeting , straight in and out so quick they may not even remember having them where as when we have anxiety we hold on to them

I totally understand that we do not all want to take medication , it is a personal choice and I feel if we choose not to unless we are going to be a danger to ourselves or someone else then they should not be forced upon us and I personally have never taken them but I did see a psychologist which I found very helpful in getting into where it all started and how I had developed my pattern of thinking and ways to reverse it :-)

Hope you find the right path that will help you :-)

Take Care x


I was thinking about seeing a psychologist also, as i got some past traumas lurking inside me. why can't we all be buzzing with fear fee :)


I would certainly give it a go

Would your GP refer you ? I know there is a waiting list other than if you can afford to go private

I have a motto that says " What would you have to loose by trying it ? but you just might have something to gain :-) " x


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