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So frightened

I'm new to this but I'm so worried and need some support. I had a really bad panic attack on Christmas Eve and was convinced I was dying. I had burning pains in my head and I couldn't function at all. I felt totally detached. I'm now taking sertraline and propanalol but I'm feeling dizzy quite often and had another attack today at work. I know it sounds ridiculous but I just keep thinking what if this isn't anxiety and I'm actually seriously ill? I don't suffer from typical panic attacks. I don't hyperventilate just feel as though I am going to pass out in blind terror. Any support would be welcome.


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Hi amy123456, I know what it's like to feel so frightened, to think that possibly this isn't anxiety but some serious health issue. Even though anxiety does play it's part in many of the symptoms we experience, we still need to keep an open mind on new and upcoming symptoms. The fact you say you feel like you are going to pass out can also be coming from your medication of Propanalol. Although it affects everyone differently, when I was on it years ago, I barely could walk upright, the dizziness was so bad. It can have a tendency to bring the blood pressure too low. Give a call to your doctor to make sure it's not medication oriented before blaming it on anxiety. Good Luck.

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Could be the medication... I'm also on sertrailne! Had a few side effects off them at first, but been in the good few mo th now and feel a lot betta... keep thinking positive


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