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My Life within PTSD

There have been many causes of PTSD within my life; I do not wish to go into them at the moment sometimes PTSD rare it’s ugly head from time to time. For the moment it has.

I sit and look at my writing delete, sometimes when I write at the moment, I look at it and it is not me

This last week life hit me like a wallop, everything was racing, and my stomach was churning. Sleep evaded me.

So many life changing moments have been replaying in my mind lately; you wish it all to go away especially at night. Loud noises are not my best fortay, my nerves struggle and I have to walk away. I think everything I did last year to get my life up and running again caught up with me big time.

My confidence increased last year, I was able to do many things with God’s help. I thought it’s time to close the book on my life. It did happen. The worst thing was when Tibby passed away, that shocked a great deal of people in my life, she was loved by many. Unfortunately the book of my life will be open again for a little while.

I went to the Doctors last night, we spoke of many things. The only thing I can do at the moment is rest. To bring my body back into relax mode. Stressful situations don’t help me. I do my best to keep out of those situations.

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Hi helpmeto, I'm sorry to see your suffering so much. PTSD is a dreadful thing. I have suffered it myself! I'm pleased to hear you've been to your doctors and talked through things. If test is what you need then that's what you must do if you are able too. Things have a habit of rearing up when you really don't want them too. I hope you find some peace in your mind soon. Take care of yourself 🙏🏻


Thank you yes I have been taking care of myself, it's taken a while but I am getting out and about again. So doing much better


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