A long and tiring day

Felt a bit uneasy this morning as I have the past few days, however this afternoon I'm feeling better, not perfect but more in control of my thoughts. If a thought is popping into my mind I'm simply telling myself 'don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen. I really think the key is to take each day at a time.

Tomorrow could be completely different but for now I'm glad that the anxiety has eased off (touch wood) it is exhausting but in some ways I think that's good because I sleep better on a night xx


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12 Replies

  • Hi gemnewby. It sounds to me that you are taking the first good steps toward recovery. What you describe are the basics for self help. Saying to yourself that nothing bad is going to happen and BELIEVING IT is crucial. One day at a time is also good. It will take some time to feel 'perfect', as you put it. "The first step is the last step", you have begun the journey UP. I feel very pleased for you. Good luck and blessings. jonathan.

  • Thankyou :) this website is a big help and I appreciate you taking the time to respond :) x

  • me sooo happpy for you :) remember to use the same technique when if you need it to :)

  • another alternative therapy you can try is Reiki....it may scare some people as they dont understand it but on thing is it does work, i am a healer and i always get results....you can also have reiki specifically for mental and emotional issues;-)

  • Hi. john80614. I agree with you. Reiki is great for removing tension but, if I may say, it is no good going for one session although this may help. A few sessions are required to get any lasting results. I hope you agree. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • also try Rosehip tea, i have a book that says its recommended for anxiety and stress, i tried it and i dont know if it was the placebo effect but i definitely felt calmer afterwards and actually WANTED to go to bed to sleep, something i usually cant do unless ive either had alcohol or an unusually busy day;-)

  • Thankyou for the advice, I am currently trying chamomile tea which is meant to be good for anxiety, and I do feel calmer after a cup. :)

  • further to my earlier comment just wanted to mention a lovely success story my reiki master had which is what caused him to first get into reiki, he tells in his manual how he suffered from severe agoraphobia for several years when he decided to try a hypnotist (came to the house of course cos he couldnt go out!!) the hypnotist told him he was also a reiki healer and offered to give him some reiki, within 48 hours his fear of going out had completely vanished, he said he still felt a little nervous but the point is he was actually able to go out for the first time in ages!! ;-)

  • yes, chamomile is good too, but i prefer rosehip as it actually tastes quite fruity and pleasant unlike chamomile which reminds me of cat pee hahaha well at least we can get a laugh to cheer us up ;-)

  • Yes it's an acquired taste and the smell doesn't help either but if it does the trick I'll persevere. Rosehill will be next on my list :)

  • if i may suggest gem that buying chamomile in a form of whole flower taste really good (i found them in Lebanese shop Green Valley - London, next in line will be French Chamomile is much nicer than the English :) believe me i tried many :)

  • ;-)

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