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Hi I was just wondering what people thought I've had intrusive tgoughts and some times intrusive suicidal thoughts Not that I want to act on them been to see a gp atyou local a&e and he said I'm not athe high risk and I seem to not want to act on them which is true but I've been still getting them for a few weeks Now I have been in contact with the samaritans and usually they have been ok with me now I sent a question which I would like other people's views on as well I said if I keep getting them all time does that mean I will end up acting on them and my reply back was I think part of you wants it to come true and they wanted to explore more with u so I replied atm my life is not difficult as they think it is only difficultie I have is all parents is a terrible 2 year old and that doesn't bother me and then there replied changed nothing more of it or anything so to my question are they right and part of me does want it to be true because I asked that question bear mind my head always goes to the negativethings that's why I'm waiting on cbt not that I can help it

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Hello I have the exact same thoughts as you and they are terrible!! I always feel I'm going to act on them like I'll loose my mind and I'll be gone😖 I'm in a really bad place at the moment too😞 I've had CBT and it never worked I've had these suicidle thoughts for 8months now I picture myself doing it alot😖 there very distressing! But now all of a sudden I've hit a wall I'm not feeling all spaced out like I'm in a bubble and not interested in no one atall😞


It is distressing to have it don't picture myself in them it's just like my head going to me be suicidal or go do it kill your self I had one dream where I was falling off a bridge then woke up panicking then the other day I was on toilet and popped in my head was 4.30 u going to the bridge to jump that day my anxiety seemed fine my husband said that doesn't mean I planned it as I have not been thinking to end my life athat's all I was in a good mood so don't know where that came from tbh but did scare me I DON'T even like higets at all a gp said I wasn't a high risk off doing anything


Same here. I just started CBT, I go back next Tuesday. We won't act on it.


Yeh a that's what my therapist told me on phone I'm on a waiting list to see her again it was just what samaritans said to me


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That's a good question. Several years ago I had an appointment with a psychiatrist regarding a similar question.

I wanted to know about the thought processes of a person who is actually seriously considering suicide.

Did they actually think about it so often that their brain actually acted on the impulse without the person making a conscious decision. (You know .... if you continually concentrate on the one particular subject, then your brain is capable of taking control of your thought process; ie consciousness, and will therefore deliver (what it believes to be a request).

I am not contemplating this action. I have children and young grandchildren and leaving them under these circumstances with the thought that 'didn't she love us enough to stay and fight', well .... it's just too overwhelming to be even contemplated.

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