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I have a lot of diffuse symptoms is it anxiety or could it be something real??

I have a lot of weird and incoherent symptoms. Massive head tension and can't sneeze or burp. Pressure on chest and weak feeling in left arm. Heartbeat seems very weak and feels like heart failure. I feel dizzy and sometimes nauseous and I've lost 8 pounds in 2 months. Have a lot of health anxiety lately and I can't shake it off...

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Hi ulriklm, Always see a doctor when the symptoms are different, something new and when losing weight. I wish you well. We are here for you if it is anxiety. Wish you well.



Agora is right if you have symptoms you have not had before best get it checked out with your Doctor , not that there will be anything major wrong I would imagine but once you get the all clear that you are physically fine you can start working on your anxiety as well as when you are at the Doctors telling them how you feel and the weight you are loosing hopefully they will sort some medication or Counselling for you so you can start learning how to control your anxiety

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


Checking with the doctor is always good, clear your mind and definitely work on that anxiety before it woks on you. It's not fun. Prayers and God Bless

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Thanks for the support:-)

Had a lot of blood tests, ekg and X-rays done. And Friday I'm getting a ct scan, all the doctors I went to say it's stress/anxiety. but the physical symptoms are just so crippling and not regular anxiety symptoms so I don't know what to think.

How do you guys deal with anxiety? I tried psychotherapy but I might have get medication..


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