Bad anxiety

Im having a very bad anxiety and admitted myself to A&E. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well and whenever i feel wind in my stomach i would get fluttery heartbeats. Isit normal? And staying here under A&E observation makes my anxiety shoot sky high till i cant even depend on my anxiety app which usually helps to calm me down. Pls helpp. And doctor is tellint me of irregular heartbeat aft ECG was checked. This makes me feel even worse or i feel lik eim gona die. Do any of u experience such??


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  • Yeah that happened to me too. Try to stay calm to the best of your ability and wait for your doctor's prognosis you have to accept it keep us posted. stay strong friend

  • Thank u aburto21. Im feeling better already compared to last night :)

  • Doc came n told me anxiety do not cause irregular heartbeats..this made me worry even more!

  • It does cause irregular heartbeats and palpitations. My cardiologist explained that to me. Feel better soon. Just remember we are all here and dealing with the same thing. We are here to support each other. :)

  • Thank u really helps to know theres so much support feeling better already from yesterday..:)

  • Howwver i started googling and see so many posts that anxiety CAn cause irregular im nt sure what shld i believe now....

  • Anxiety can cause literally 100+ different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms are increased heart rate, and palpitations. They happen to probably most everyone here that deals with anxiety. What app are you using for help? I may have a few to suggest as well.

  • Im using an app called End Anxiety..i would love to know others u recommend too

  • Maeko, irregular heart beats are very common among people with anxietydisorder, I've had them in the past, don't have them now. That doctor is only trained in matters of the body, not matters of the mind and nervous system. So I say everything you're experiencing right now is normal, normal that is for someone with anxiety and that includes Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    The good news is that although anxiety makes us feel like s**t it can't kill you, can't damage your body and can't send you crazy. Although it is very good at mimicing illnesses that can do you harm.

    Basically you're scaring yourself half to death about something that is a toothless tiger, a sham and a fake - your symptoms are only glitches in your over sensitised nervous system that's had enough of being swamped with fear every five minutes. That's what is keeping them sensitised and that's what makes you feel rough.

    If we can manage to turn off the fear tap and give our nervous system a rest then it will start to recover and when that day comes you are going to feel like you did before all this anxiety stuff started and regain your quiet mind.

    So how do you stop swamping your body with fear? Well you can't do much about first wave fear but you can stop adding second wave fear to it. So the thing to do when the bad feelings come is to just accept them without reacting against them with fear. Yes that's right, accept the bad feelings for the moment, let them come, and because you know they're a bunch of fakes that can't harm you physically you can accept them without adding Second Wave Fear. It's not an instant cure, you probably spent quite a while bombarding your nervous system with fear to make it sensitised so don't expect to undo it all in five minutes.

    So start accepting the bad feelings as they come and eventually that stomach will churn less often and your heart will skip a beat less frequently. Listen to what those a&e doctors have got to say but your heart is still going to be beating strong fifty years from now and that's the God'shonest truth. Stay calm, stay cool.

  • Thank u feeling better from last night. ur reply gave me alot of strength andcourage to face this dreaded anxiety. I will brave through this. :)

  • Maeko, I'm glad you feel improved, can I just say that the Acceptance method I described was devised 50 years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book 'Self help for your nerves'. This book has been life changing for untold thousands of people who experienced what you are now experiencing. It is available on Amazon. It is the only book I know of that ensures recovery from anxiety disorder.

  • My anxiety came back again...sending me with shivers and palpitations

  • It lasted for between i passed out some gas..and also a burp...was the anxiett caused by the excess wind??

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