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hi so i havent posted on here in a while as i have been feeling much better about my self up until recently,so a quick review i already have a one year old daughter and have recently found out im pregnant again im over the moon axtually so happy, only problem is me and my partner have had a disagreement as the nurse as said they want to do some test to check if the baby has edwards syndrome or patu syndrome and asked what i wanted to do if the baby had any of these problems now i said id have to have a termination as i couldnt bring a baby into this world knowing it was going to suffer for the rest of its life and how could i love a baby for a little while and then have to say goodbye, anyhow my partner is having a major fit about it and saying if i abort the baby he is leaving me and taking our daughter with him, this is playing on my anxiety so bad as i dont know what to do and am currently sat here at nearly 4:00 am podering life and generally feeling shit, sorry for the long post i had no one else to turn to!

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The baby and everything will be fine. Stay positive


You're putting the cart in front of the horse here. If you're both sure you want to do the test, then do the test and take it from there. These conditions you're worrying over are rare, and odds are that you're both getting fired up over something which isn't going to be a factor anyhow.

If the tests come back negative and your baby is healthy than all this is for nothing.


Glad you're feeling better about yourself; you deserve it. Be kind to yourself; take the test and see what the result is before worrying. At the moment there are only academic decisions to be considered; so try not to worry about decisions that don't need to be made

Good luck

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