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Please help I need answers?

I'm so worried that I have anxiety and that I have panic attacks , it's only been recently thwart I have wondered that maybe there may be a diagnosis for what happens.since I was about 5 I've always gotten super upset , find it very difficult to breath and start to shake when my family shout at each other. when I was about 10 or so i was coming back from a holiday abroad and we were just landing and all of a sudden i got a really bad pain in my eyes and started to cry , shake and couldn't breath well every since that I've always had the same response when taking of or landing when on a plane just minus the eye pain. Also for around 2-3 hours afterwards I stop crying but continue to feel panicky when on any mode of transportation and have the constant fear of crashing.when I was about 12 my Nan got diagnosed with a terminal cancer , in around the same week I was in an assembly that was some way related to family so I got upset because I started to think about my Nan but then as I was getting pulled out of assembly I instantly started to shake quite badly ,shiver and could not stop I was that way for about half hour then they the crying stoped my breathing and bad shaking continued for another 10 minutes and then they eventually began to die down to. Other that those moment I only ever had 2 event fairly similar to the first symptoms discussed but it was t triggered by anything , although I do I have moment a where ill get really strong heart palpitations ill shake want to cry but ill stop it and slowlynteturn to normal.

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Do you see anyone? A doctor, therapist, etc? Sounds like maybe Panic Disorder? Have you been diagnosed?


No I don't see anyone if I went to the doctors wouldn't they tell my parents I don't want them to worry about so I don't want to tell them



What age are you?.

Have you been to the doctor?.


Hi I'm 14 and no I havn't


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