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Athletic heart

So yesterday I went to my follow up with my doctor. I had Ann ECG done in November. I kept getting like what felt like my heart was skippinh a beat but it was in my throat. Anyways my doctor told me everything was good and that I had an athletic heart he didn't say syndrome. I have been googling t and I don't like what I am reading😭

Why did he say this wasn't a bad thing but a good thing but all I read is bad. He says my heart beats a little slower then normal isn't that bad😑

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Hello, athleates have a slower heart rate because of how fit they are. So from my understanding that's a good thing...


Thank you😊


Feeling like your heart skips a beat is very common both among people with anxiety and people without. You did the right thing to see your doctor and he says the ECG showed your heart was fine so accept that as final and stop trying to prove him/her wrong. A slower heart beat is a good thing, as Hdelmari says, athletes have a slower heartbeat because their heart is fit, it means you'll live longer. So just accept the skipped beats for the moment because by accepting them they're more likely to go away sooner rather than later. Stop letting Google frighten you half to death, it's not talking about you, you're fine.

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Thank you 😊


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