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Health anxiety or lymphoma?!

You're going to think I'm crazy... I might well be! But here goes... for a while now I've been getting new and odd symptoms. GP has always put it down to anxiety after losing dad. But I can't ignore them anymore(like my GP! I was there twice last week!)

For past 2.5 weeks I've had mild ish pain in my lower right abdomen/hip and back. I'm currently feeling it in my low back, middle/right(period-like pain(I have just come on but usually experience it all over lower back). I feel lightheaded a lot, Ive had an on/off odd sensation(not pain) in my right calf, the lymph node in my groin on the right is slightly swollen-GP knows all of this but says I'm fine. I've now noticed the node behind my ear is up again. Had this a few months back and GP said not to worry... today I'm now convinced I need to wee more(this could well be in my head after reading this is one of the symptoms!!) individually, these things aren't a problem but collectively, I'm fearing the worst... lymphoma. How do I get the GP to listen without them just dismissing it again?! At what stage do I stop being the 'anxious irritating patient'? I feel if a 'normal' person went in with these symptoms, they be taken seriously. They've prescribed citalopram(which I'm trying to get the courage to take!)

I've developed these symptoms over months and have gone to my GP every time new one popped up!

I had abdo ultrasound-clear. Ecg-clear, ca125-clear...

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i dont think youre crazy at all,i too think i have lymphoma having sore lumpy areas over my whole abdomen and chest for years but not taken gp has "written me off"and wont listen-hope you get taken seriously soon .my abdominal scan was i was told today-scans arent the be all end all-its symptoms that count.wish u luck


Hi psycho queen,

It's very easy to become too centred on little health things and think the worst I think. I had a close relative who always thought she would get cancer,at one time she actually made herself I'll enough through stress to be unable to get out of bed. As soon as test cleared her she was straight out of bed. As you've been seeing your gp and having tests etc which are coming back clear, why not give citalopram a try, is there a reason you're not keen to take it? I know some people don't want to go down that road. Maybe try to look at your issues individually rather than look for something more sinister as a whole. Hope you feel better. X


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