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Should I worry?


I don't know whether this is a neurological problem or anxiety but I've noticed sometimes especially when I'm anxious it feels like I can't feel my body? Like maybe numbness but it's not really numb? Maybe like as if I'm about to become paralyzed but somehow I'm still able to move. Like sometimes when I'm walking That will happen to my legs and I'm still able to walk and I wonder how I haven't collapsed yet. Well today I woke up after a good night sleep and had breakfast and 2 hours later I was just doing my makeup when suddenly i felt like I lost feeling in my right arm. And it caused me to panic a bit but I ignored it. Now I'm trying Not to panic but it feels like my hands are going numb kind of like if you sat on them and you're about To get pins and needles. And I feel like I'm gonna stop breathing even tho I don't feel breathless. And my vision is a little funny like feels slightly blurry and like I can't concentrate well. I feel like this is anxiety becuase i also feel like crying and panicking so could it just be anxiety or something more? I had coffee this morning for breakfast and then tea later on so could it be the caffeine?

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Angiecis, all the symptoms you describe are common symptoms of anxiety but I strongly advise that for complete reassurance you should have a talk with your doctor, about half the people they see are suffering from anxiety related symptoms so your doctor won't think you odd or anything. Anxietycan affect every part of your body and that includes your eyes, strange sensations in your limbs and breathlessness. When your doctor gives you the o.k. you can concentrate on desensitising your nervous system, for that is what's causing these symptoms, and you do that by accepting the symptoms for the moment no matter how much of a nuisance they are and by accepting them you stop adding further fear to your nervous system that is what causes nervous sensitisation.

But the first step must be to see your doc to relieve your mind, I know it's a bore fitting in a doctor's appointment in your busy life but your well-being is of prime importance. Hope everything goes well in the future.

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