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Trying to conceive with anxiety

Hi everyone.

I have always suffered with anxiety issues and was diagnosed a few years ago with generalised anxiety disorder. I got married at the end of November, moved house in December. I came off my contraceptive pill in November and I also started on propranolol 30mg a day to help with the anxiety.

I take all the vitamins needed and have for months, I am currently trying to get a better track of my ovulation and cycle but just wondered if there are other people in the same position as me?

I'm currently a stay at home wife as I left my job before the wedding. I could do with getting a job to have some pocket money so to speak but get very anxious as soon as I start thinking cvs, obviously not good for stress levels when trying to conceive.

I have just taken an ovulation test and it was negative despite a tracker saying I should be ovulating now,

I am currently going through the early stages of having cbt therapy so in the long term I'm hoping things will get better,

I have so much worry and so many questions at the minute and have no idea who to turn to.

Should I look for a job or will it be to much stress?

Should I be tracking ovulation and focusing on getting pregnant or focus on other things?

Should I be focused on yoga and finding an enjoyable hobby rather than a job that may stress me out more,

Should I hold off trying for a baby?

Should I ask about changing the medication I'm on?

Hoping someone has experience with similar things or is going through something similar.

I'm feeling so lost right now

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Hi mrsjackson, You certainly have had a lot of life changes in the last several months. Adding a pregnancy to that may not be as easy as you think. The fact that the ovulation test showed negative despite the fact you should have been ovulating could be showing that the stress you are under is playing a part.

Looking at your list of concerns, the one that pops out to me is focusing on Yoga and finding an enjoyable hobby that will bring down your stress some.

Changing medication is between you and your doctor.

Going back to work and getting pregnant might not make the most sense with all the stress you are under.

You are feeling lost because you have too much on your plate right now. Don't jump to the dessert until you finish what's on your plate would be my thought.

Right now this is a moment you need to sit down and seriously have a talk with yourself as to what you want and need to be happy. My best in your decision.


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