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I have been waking early for past few nights and this is normally a bad sign for me. I feel anxious and depressed when it happens and not sure why. This has happened in the past and have had my experience of depression/anxiety before though things recently have improved. I hate the long nights. I live alone but am used to that but sometimes when I feel like this I do feel lonely. I moved into this house 4 months ago and have been arranging and dealing with everything that needed to be done on my own, with only one visit from anyone in all that time. I moved from Manchester to Liverpool for a change of scenery and I like Liverpool and its a nice area. I am trying my hardest to meet people here and I do go to a few social groups regularly. Most of my social contacts live back in Manchester though. I have cut down on my work hours also. Not sure what's wrong and why I feel suddenly so anxious like everyone is judging me and I can't relax properly a lot of the time. Sorry for rambling on but maybe I need some support with this.


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  • This is my problem no matter how late I go to sleep I will wake up in 3-4 hours . I don't know how to manage it but eventually my body crashes for about 12 hours at the weekend . I just moved countries and my anxiety is so severe it's stopped me from meeting anyone in the entire 4 months . The only person I speak to is my counsellor . I'm moving back home in September .

  • I too wake early in the morning around 5-6 am every morning no matter what time I go to bed. I have read that our cortisol levels are the highest in the morning that's why we can feel anxious and jittery when waking.

  • Wow I didn't know that!! Thank you. I tend to have anxiety upon waking, now I know why!

  • Even a good move causes stress. Give yourself a little time and know this is normal for all of us on this site. Things that are stressful for everyone can feel so much more stressful for us. I tend to handle my stress through physical symptoms, and am also waking up early.

  • Yea I've notice when I stretch in the morning I get a rush of anxiety.

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