Fear of hiv

So I got tested on Saturday. After all these years. Problem is I am only getting results later today or Tuesday. I fear it's too late if I do have hiv as I had unprotected sex many years ago. Started getting a sore throat last night. Went to bed woke up 4am my feet were freezing. My whole body feels warm yet I feel cold. Now I convinced myself it's hiv taking its toll. I have had a stomach bug for over a week and lost so much weight. Have hardly been eating . I have always been underweight now it's worse my bmi is 16.1. Used to be just below 17 all my life. Can't fall back asleep. Chest is tight and so is my stomach. I wish I would just sleep and never wake up :-(


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  • Is this you're first test since 4 years ago?

  • It's my first test ever :-( see why I'm worried. I started sex ten years ago so if I have it I am dead

  • Its really really hard to say HIV can sometimes show years down the line and it's very scary as a tattoo artist I myself have had scares because you jus dont knw ! Number one thing and you have done it was to get tested. My question is do u think that girl had anything ? Have you done any backround on her I knowi it was long time ago, just sometimes overthinking makes symptoms happen :)

  • Well that girl is still alive. And she got married and had a child. But also had unprotected 4 years ago and have no contact with that girl. Yeah I heard it can take time to show. When I spoke to the doctor he said it's never too late and that it's better to know now. And that if it had developed into full out aids I would be displaying a lot of symptoms. I was a terrible person before don't know why I would have unprotected sex :-(

  • You've managed to wait 4 years for this test result so far and now it sounds like you've wound yourself up into a panic while waiting a couple more days. From what you've said it sounds like you are extremely low risk. Presumably you have nothing to indicate you have contacted hiv?

  • Yeah its the stress. I usually heal quick when I'm sick so now I've had stomach problems for two weeks and my health anxiety causes me to think it's stomach cancer or hiv. The worst case scenario is always my go to option hate living like this

  • Dont kick yourself down :)! Trust me im only 19 and being a teenager never gets any better ! I have had anxiety for 6 years and it jus recently strted a new thing getting cold sweats its normall mtter in fact as I speak right now I have it its anoying its psrt of anxiety don't let it controll you :)!

  • How did you get over the fear that it could be more than anxiety

  • How did I personally get over anxiety ? Well it was a long road an steps I have took I had a bad trip on marijuana an felt like stomach blew up inside my body cavity crazy right !? Well 14 I thought I was dieing years go buy I lived off 1 a day ... one babycup motsfruitsation ... lost weight and doctors couldnt find one thing and till this day .. I lernt all myself how to regain and consume more foods when I had the faze my heart rate fluttered or fast I would lie down and breath , umm if I overheated randomly and felt tingly all threw my body id dunk my head in cold tub, there is like 20 more but what amazes me .. everything I have gone threw 3 nights ago I was sick bed ridden for a month chest heavy eating a pizzapop a day I said screw it I searched a app end anxiety and its a 40 min hipnosis and what she spoke on it buy far the best thing I could ever thank that app for ... after I used it all my pain is gone 6 dame years of pain everyday I honestly cried yesterday when I woke up because I was so happy I think I have cured myself I use it evernight befor I go to bed. So my anwser is for me a simple app fixed me I can say :D

  • I will give it a try I am desperate . I can't sit thinking I am dying constantly. It's like I am throwing my life away. I just lay in bed all day and cry. It's terrible I hate it. I just want my results to be ok and start focusing on getting better. I was anxiety free for 5 months and it came back terrible

  • Its called end anxiety its blue with a white flower ! Looking app :)! Has plenty lables to help with !

  • Surf city apps? I use them :)

  • Yeaaa yea :D!!

  • My advice would be is to wait until your result comes back. You could be worrying yourself silly for nothing. The symptoms you mentioned could be the stomach bug you have. Just wait and if it's good news you will be jumping for joy. Hiv is not the easiest virus to contract. There are lots of meds now that can control it. Be patient, hope everything works out just fine.

  • Dont worry either way, its not the death sentence it used to be 30 odd years ago. People with hiv live as long and healthy as those without.

    However its likely you'll be fine. I lost weight, 18kg in a few months literally from stress years ago. I was tested for EVERYTHING including hiv and tb but all okay. it was my mind working out too hard. If it wasnt so hazardous in other ways, itd be a great weight loss regime 😊

    Deep breaths! Take it easy

  • Thank you everyone for the support. I was getting really paranoid. Have a terrible fever. I get to the doctor and see someone else's results on the doctors desk saying positive. I thought it was mine. But it wasn't. Mine is all clear. My thyroid is fine and cholesterol

  • Panicguy, I am so happy for you. That has got to be a big relief.

    Now go out and enjoy the day. :)

  • Shit xD crazzzy I woukd have flipped glad you're ok man !!!

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