Going nuts

Im going through a change in my life and my anxiety is through the rough. I feel like my partner has been really hard on me latley and we were have a disagreement and I got this thought in my head that I didnt know her anymore and then I got scared that I wouldnt know anyone on my life anymore almost like if I were to suffer from amnesia. This scared the crap out of me. Some one please tell me I am not nuts. I have a new job to start tom amd I dunno what to do.


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  • I don't think you are going nut's I've had the same feeling before kinda I just was scared of complete memory loss I felt I was going through a I guess a nervous breakdown and was scared of the result the ending state of mind I would up with uno

  • Hi Thecureisinyou, first priority tonight is preparing for your new job tomorrow. Put aside your other issues at this time regarding your disagreement with your partner as well as thinking you might suffer from amnesia. You are not going nuts. You seem to be under a lot of pressure right now which may be bringing these thoughts to the surface. Use some deep breathing and relaxation tonight as well as first thing in the morning to prepare you for the day. Make sure you use positive thoughts and breathe when going into your new job. I wish you well on your first day. Let us know how it went.

  • You are not going nuts. Feeling disjointed or disconnected is common when people is under a lot of stress and anxiety. I agree with Agora1 in trying to focus on your job and practicing meditation. "Headspace" is an app that you can download in your phone. It really help you to pause your mind and control your thoughts. I wish you the best in your new job. You will be great!

  • You have anxieties in your life; 2 of them from what you say, your relationship and a new job tomorrow; re the job, im sure everyone is anxious starting anything new! Just be yourself and you will settle in. Try to talk to your partner about how you are feeling too. If symptoms persist, see your doctor. Get a good nights sleep, be prepared for the start of your job; make sure you have plenty of time in the morning too; take some deep breaths; if you get time look up an app on your mobile re relaxation. Good luck!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I took a valium too calm myself and get rest. It is prescribed to me and I use them only when really needed. Needless to say the nerves are there but I am going to try and get past them. I will update you all on how my first day went.

  • Hello I've just been reading all your replies x and there all good advice x yes the breathing really helps x it helps me x x yes anxiety is a pain and also starting a new job is stressful to everyone x but I wish you luke and let's us know how you get on x I'm sure your be fine when you get to your new job and settle in after a couple of days x good luck x

  • Feelings of things being unreal is truly a disgusting experience. I have had this happen while talking with my mother, wife and brother. It takes a few moments to get grounded so to speak. Breathing, focus on the fact that the sensation will pass. A tried overactive mind needs relaxation. Good luck with everything.

  • Sooo finally home. I have to say I had a great day! I am so happy with my new job. The minute I came home the anxiety started. Things didnt feel real again but I went out woth my girlfriend and she dostracted me. I explained my anxiety and she understood like always.

    My problem is this, this depersonalization stems from a technology addiction that started off with me finding wAys to cope with my anxiety. I get stuck on these shows and just cant stop watching them. This new kob wont allow me to do that whivh is great but I have been watchkng a vampire show and it seems to have colonized my thoughts. Because of this I am onsessing over whether or not I know the difference between realty or a show. This is driving me insane because I really like the show. Some one please tell me I am not crazy. Can anyone relate?

  • I took another valium to get rid of the anxiety my doctor usually has me take them consecutively for a week to forget about the anxiety that I feel.

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