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Think I’m going to die soon


Ever since my mom passed away 4 months again, I’ve had crippling health anxiety. I’ve sent myself to the ER twice and Urgent Care once. Now, I’m convinced in my head that I’m going to die soon and it is so scary. I’m worried it is an existential being or my body preparing me for death. I’ve read about people who thought they were going to die and did. I’ve never had any major health problems before (I’m a 19 year old who played sports my entire life). But this fear has caused me to hole myself up in my room and fear each day is going to be my last. I can’t evn bring myself to workout anymore. I’m so scared, I’ve read that marijuana can trigger this? I was told taking magnesium can help? Someone please help I’m so so scared😭

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I have lived like this for 4 yrs after my marriage fell apart and I lost everything dear to me. Its terrible. I've eaten crap for a very long time suffered abuse and am desperately seaking a cure. My head is saying its NOT anxiety it's really happening. No one seems to care. Jelly legs, panic attacks, nerve pain. Insomnia. Palpation. Shivers. Being on my own makes things worse.

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It is also the worst for me when I’m alone. It can feel like no one understands. I suffer from severe health anxiety after my mom passed. I recommend going to therapy. I haven’t been in it long but for me, talking can sometimes help.

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Jmd1575 where are you located. My Mum passed away in 2006 and things were never the same again. I'm in Hull UK.

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So sorry,it seems you are going through a tough time!I also had this symptoms of thinking about death the whole time after recovery from a severe malaria.Try therapy it helps and always keep yourself calm and take in a lot of water

I'm so sorry about you losing your mom. I lost my mom 1 year ago and it has been quite traumatic for me and I am older than you and have had more life experience. I can't imagine losing my mom at age 19.

I have required a lot of therapy since my mom passed because of the anxiety. I would highly recommend Cognitive behavioral therapy.

4 months is not very long. It will get better as time goes on. Sometimes you just need to take it one second, minute, or day at a time.

Hang in there...


I am the same after my brother was killed and I nearly had sepsis health anxiety is ruining my life


Please get on medication and go to therapy. Lexapro for example is a great sedating antidepressant that is really good for intense anxiety and depression. I’m so sorry that you are suffering such a loss.

This is typical of health anxiety. Health anxiety can be triggered by an illness or death in the family. It is quite common. Read some info about health anxiety to reassure yourself that this is just a form of anxiety. I you d some good books also and they all state that health anxiety is triggered more so by what you have been through. I am sorry for your loss and please take care of yourself


First and foremost, I am so sorry to hear about your mother passing and many 19, that's a raw deal to have to go through. It's natural to get this way when death is's one of the most uncomfortable conversations to have to the point many people dodge getting life insurance or wills. Regardless, I think it would be wise to seek out a counselor or a therapist so you can address your concerns. Health anxiety is real....I remember fearing cholesterol in eggs at a mere ten years-old. Now, I still worry about my heart because a few guys around my age at work have passed away from heart attacks at a young age. At 19 and generally in good shape from sports, the odds are unlikely to show you're close to death. I would get a well visit from a doctor so the results can show you as much. Above all else, beginning medication for depression and anxiety or even CBT with a therapist might be huge in getting you back out, living a full life like I'm sure your mother would have wanted for you. You may even find from a therapist that your stuck in a specific area of the grief process. With all you've been dealing with, it's normal to shell up and find it hard to keep going. I empathize because everyday I keep waiting for that fatal heart attack to finally get me. It's been over a year now, and well, here I type. We cannot live by the hypothetical or else we will never have lived. I think there's a lot of opportunity for you to come out of this cocoon to live fully again...maybe with small or baby steps...but back to things as you're ready.

Again, I'm very sorry to hear of this tragedy and how it has impacted your life. For what it's worth, I don't think the cannabis use has anything to do with this. A little paranoia, probably, but nothing so severe. Also, again, condolences with your mother's passing...that is so unfortunate and sad. But, for your sake and even her sake, make a few appointments and see what paths there are ahead. Sending positive vibes, thoughts, and well wishes to you. Take care and all the best; please let us know how everything goes...the support is always here.

I lost my mother in 2004. It took me many years to process her loss & my health suffered. In fact I developed a thyroid problem. In 2017 I lost my stepmother but she had recommended I go to “Grief Share” a support group. I found going to a grief support group really helped me to tap into my grief & process loss in less years. I still developed health issues related again to my thyroid, but I believe that was because I had experienced additional losses that year.

Believe it or not it does help you out to join a grief support group even if you see a therapist in conjunction with it (which I’d recommend too). In addition to a grief group later on I wrote a story about my mother, made a memorial album & worked on genealogy, this I found all helped me too. I am sure in time you will discover what helps you too.

Your mother like all mothers wants you to take good care of yourself. And like all mothers she wants you to focus on eating well. Try to go out for a nice walk if weather permits afterwards, to take in some nice fresh air.

Your mother must have made you feel safer & now with her loss you may be feeling more vulnerable. Turn to someone you respect for assurance. Life is unfair my mother taught me well. This is unfortunately very true “jmd.”

You sound like you are experiencing classic signs of grief according to what I learned in “Grief Share.” Try to connect with a local grief group if you can, & take care.

I am so sorry for your loss at such a young age. Dont let this control your life. It doesn't seem like it now but somedaey you will have your own children and they will be able to bring you joy even though you will still miss your mom. Try mindfulness classes, yoga and talking to someone really helps. I am on effexor for anxiety but I count the pellets myself because a full dose of any anxiety meds was way too much. Good luck and I hope you can overcome this. Debbie

If/When you start having definitive cardiac symptoms (Sweating, breathlessness, nausea,etc.) especially when it's like unstable angina (Attacks happen even when you're not really doing anthing), then you can legitimately start thinking about any day could be your last.

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