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So for this month I've had the worst anxiety I've had touble breathing I just kept hyperventilating all day seen a doctor oxygen was fine.........and tonight I just feel weird like I feel like I'm going to do something or I'm just stop breathing idk it's just so weird I have to riensure that I'm doing stuff right idk I feel like ima forget how to function my body and it sucks

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Hi yes anxiety really comes back to stamp all over you again doesnt it,just when you think you are making some headway with it,but i think thats what anxiety is,its always there,sometimes lurking in the background and other days its jumping all over us,every minute of the day,i have days,most days really where i am waiting like you say of the next symptom,waiting of something horrible to happen,but thats just it we are always waiting,giving our every attention to anxiety,so its bound to put on a show as we make it so important,i ask myself is my heart working right today,does my brain feel normal,am i breathing ok,yet we know our bodies will function automatically,i get the breathing thing as the more i focus on it the more i try to control it and the worse i feel,i will just keep on trying to find the best way through it and i wish you well and hope you find your right way too

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Thank you

You are absolutely right



I am the same as you - I've had anxiety for 18months and started of as fast breathing but has got worse and I am Hyperventilating 24/7. Deep breathing doesn't help much or using a paper bag. I used to take Diazepam but stopped working unless I took much higher dose. Now taking Xanax very low dose which can help but not all the time. I am scared really because it is so very addictive. What are you taking for it ?

I know what you are going through so don't think you are alone. To be honest the doctors don't know what to do with me anymore.



Yea yesterday was bad to really bad my thoughts didn't make sense I felt so awkward like I just had a mental break down like i thought I was forgetting how to use my body......and i take larazapam (Ativan) 3 times a day just when needed.... I also don't take allot like maybe one every other day because they can be addicting but yea I feel like there is no where to run to




I do this also. Feels like someone is chocking me and I get dizzy/lightheaded. Feel like i'm not in the world. It's extreme anxiety. I'm on Ativan and Zoloft.


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