Anxiety just won't go away

I have had anxiety for a while now but it's still scared me my muscles always feel tense my neck and back hurt always my chest always hurts had loads of test done heart monitor for 48 hourse echo on heart and had X-ray done and I found a lump in my neck a few weeks ago had a scan on it and bloods and everything was okay but I still can't shit the anxiety that there is something up with my hear still it's scarey and still waiting for Councilling any advice would be good Thankyou x


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4 Replies

  • HEy there! I UNDERSTAND!!! Please know that you are not alone. I have been suffering from health anxiety for SEVERAL years! I have been so sick and down and convinced myself I was sick with something terrible that I couldn't even get out of bed. I know your pain and fears. Now I am in total fear for my children all the time as well. Health anxiety is know joke. Today I was so convinced I had spinal tumors that I was almost in hysterics.

  • Than you so much for reply I am the same today my anxiety it really bad do you ever feel dizzy x

  • I do and feel detached. I feel like I'm outside my body looking in. I have to inhale 4 exhale 7 about 15 min to get my calm back

  • It's horrible is t it do you get chest heavy feeling and lump in your throats feeling x

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