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Parents of a man needing help

We have a 43 year old son who is living with us because he and his wife are going through some tough times. He has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. we need some ideas to help him through this. He is seeing doctors for this and has been prescribed meds for this and sleeping pills. we are wondering if there is diet and vitamins that he could take to help'

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Hi folks

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Hi , personally I'd say any foods he fancies and wants to eat within reason.. Keeping his appetite and strength up.. He obviously has all the correct support.. Other things that helped me was getting as much information as possible as in books ( Dr Claire weeks ) which is quite old but helped me immensely ,also MIND website.. And this website., hope this is helpful..


Sometimes takes a while for the meds to help. Something that helped me was to do something purposeful each day. A goal to accomplish something each day no matter how crappy you feel. Does not have to be big things. Examples: Go to the post office, go to the grocery store. Walk the dog or bathe the dog. Walk the loop track at the park, etc. . Go to the mall and walk around for a half hour. The concept is "fake it until you make it" and it does help. If you have insurance and it does not cost much, get your vitamin d and b12 levels checked. I found these supplements helped overall mood. Finally as far as diet, eat as healthy as possible. Look for foods high in Omega 3s such as Salmon. Walnuts make a great snack high in omega 3s. Stay away from the processed foods high in sugar, MSG, simple carbs, etc. . . . THe "comfort foods" sometimes make things worse. . .Stay away from just sitting in front of the TV or watching an IPAD. Limit yourself to an hour a day. Read instead, an article from the paper or a chapter in a book. Even if you do not want to. Hope he turns the corner soon. Tell him I am sorry he is suffering so much.


Totally agree with you.


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