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night anxiety

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For the past couple of days, I won't have anxiety during the day. As I'm laying here it feels like my breathing just stops and like I'm out of my body. I'll almost be fallen asleep, just to wake up from the feeling that I'm not breathing

please give feedback

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Hi Katie, it happens to me almost everynight just when I'm about to fall asleep this weird sensation in the back of neck come up and stops me breathing and I snap right back right up to gasp for some air ... It set has to do with anxiety I've been having shortens of breath also for the past two weeks and some upper abdominal pressure .. But yes I have gotten before with out the pressur also .. So yes I'm sure alot of other people have gone through this it goes away after my 5 th to 8th attaemp in trying to fall asleep .. Hope you feel better

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Redhots7 in reply to Spomales

Need to see doc, this is not part of Fibro and could get or be serious .

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Lynne53 in reply to Redhots7

Are you on the site to wind people up? People are looking for reassurance not alarmist comments.

don't give negative feedback. maybe you shouldn't be on this site

Well KatieRichie94, I found this siie by accident, I now feel I was led here to share my experiences . Because we are Fibro patients, everything is "oh well, it is the Fibro ". Last year I went to my Primary Doc on a Thurs complaining about shortness of breathe again , also pain on my left side and excessive sweating . He saw me as a Fibro patient and gave me a muscle relaxant . The next day around 6:00 in the evening I was headed to ER because I could not breathe and the pain to this day I cannot describe. Long story short the hospitalist said good thing I got there when I did or we would be looking at different story. I had pneumonia and 2 blood clots in my lungs. I spent 11 days in hospital. I saw a pulmanologist and on first visit, he came in and said , I just finished reading your chart, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY LADY . What I am trying to tell people on this site is just because you have Fibro does not mean you don't need to be checked out for other things . Just because it can be a symptom of Fibro does not mean it is . Listen to your body, I knew that night, IT WAS NOT FIBRO PAIN OR FIBRO RELATED. I may or may not continue to be on this site but that will be my decision , not yours ! Wake up, lady, everything is not Fibromyalgia just because you have it, I have lived it for 30 years so I do know a little something about it !!!

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Redhots7 in reply to Lynne53

Telling someone that not breathing and feeling out of body is normal is wrong. Advising them to follow up with doc instead of asking people on this site what they think it is is pretty good advice. Alarmist, really, realist. Part of our job here is help people know the difference between normal Fibro and time for professional opinion! Not breathing and feeling out of body is not normal !

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Redhots7 in reply to Lynne53

People are looking for answers ! This site should not be the standard when a professional opinion is needed. I almost died

Last year from pneumonia and 2 blood clots in my lungs, so I do get very concerned when someone talks about breathing problems. A simple X-Ray will show anything that is of concern . I was in hospital for 11 days and the drained 1600 cc of fluid off my lungs.

not part of what?

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BettyA in reply to Redhots7

No Redhots, this does NOT seem 'serious'...what it is is annoying and disturbing... Probably just doing deep breathing excercises and concentrating on that will help! You will be ok!! :)

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cpmydream in reply to Spomales

You are feeling those feelings because what your mind is perceiving is there is some kind of danger is out there,

though there is none in real world,

when it feels any danger it generated adrenaline and your heart beats fast and because of that all those stomach churn and throat lump you are feeling!!

The only thing you can do is have some ice cream, or cold water or go out in open ,

because if you be in the same place or same position in bed , your mind would be feeling the same way, it would be feeling anxious only!1

When you will be more aware about anxious state you would be able to cop up with the problem very well!!

I am doing it without any meds and you can do!1

You can take meds if you want but personally I dont think meds are solutions!!

and also in night when you dont fall asleep easily ,

dont force yourself to sleep,

dont think that when I was normal I used to sleep easily,

dont think how will I go through the day tomorrow if I dont sleep now,

Just try to be relaxed and let sleep come to you!!

I know sleep wont come to you that easily,

If it would be coming than you guys wont be in this group!!

But there is one point in our body , at that point the body gets tired and sleep will come to you and kiss you and you would feel great!

Also want to mention that there are two types of sleep we people have!!

1) in which we feel anxious before sleeping, we spend so much time of worrying and we feel lump in throats and stomach churns,etc at night but at the end of struggle our body sleeps but the thing here is mind does not sleep properly, and so when you wake up in the morning , you feel tired, also if you feel anxious before sleeping you would have nightmares not real nuightmare types of nightmares but worst and weird dreams!!

2)this type of sleep comes rare to us and which is want our sleep to be like!!

when you go to bed, you want to sleep after 5-10 mins and that should happen!!

But be aware that dont force sleep on yourself,


the worst thing about anxiety is it makes you feel hell about yourself and you do self harm, try to love yourself, try to respect small achievement you have achieved upto this moment ,!!

And finally I am still having sleep problems,

I have my more day of insomania and less days of normal sleep!

But one thing i would say is


when you have good normal sleep at night, next day you would feel normal about those things also which makes you so much anxious!!

So best of luck

And I would pray for whole community , that one day we all will be feeling good!!

and will be normal again!!


You are normal just with some change in your nature!!

Dont try too hard to be your old self!!(Trust me this really helps!! :)


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Ldubosque in reply to Spomales

Have you been checked for sleep apnea?

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Ldubosque in reply to Ldubosque

one of the best ways of helping yourself is to just get checked out. Rule out the possibility that anything is wrong so that you don't have to worry about it. When your worrying the panic or anxiety will happen more. And don't listen to other people's horror stories, because you will go nuts ( anxiety) will take over and make you think the worst possible case.

Hi Katie,

I know exactly how you feel cause i used to have that too... Mine was cause by acid reflux due to too much stress and because i ate too much dairy i would wake up and feel out of breathe but when i cut on dairy and discovered meditation it really helped me i do meditation with an app on my phone called headspace they require a susbscription but you get 10 lessons for free and are in no obligation to subscribe on my part i do the 10 free parts over and over and it changed me i use to suffer from agoraphobia and many many many physical symptoms from anxiety and everybody wanted me to get pills but i knew i could beat it on my own and i did so you can do it too my advice to you would be check your diet and maybe try meditation hope it helped you and hopen you'll feel better


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Redhots7 in reply to WikiDom

There are medications to control acid reflux as it can cause some very serious problems. Esphogal cancer, reflux entering your lungs. See your doc immediately.

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Ldubosque in reply to WikiDom

Well stated. I just got done leaving a list similar. Diet is a huge part of it- and I have done the meditation during these times and it really does help

thank you! your comment was extremely helpful!

Hi, my name is Tyler and I suffer from Bipolar disorder and severe panic attacks... I know how you feel, I feel that way 70% of the day... Try some breathing exercises, in through your nose and out through your mouth, raising your shoulders while breathing in through your nose and slowly lowering them when you exhale through your mouth... Do this a few times... When you lay down at night, try listening to sounds of thunder storms or rain, it's very relaxing... While you're laying down flex your leg muscles and arms, your entire body... Just tence up really good, hold the squeeze for a moment and then slowly let it go, relaxing your entire body... I hope this can help you. Because I've read alot of your posts and you don't deserve to suffer

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KatieRichie94 in reply to TJT188

thank you so much tyler

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TJT188 in reply to KatieRichie94

Your welcome, God bless

Sleep apnea perhaps, where you do stop breathing, I believe this is serious and should be discussed with you doc immediately .

I do not have that. I've been tested

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jonny5 in reply to KatieRichie94

Something not right with that woman redhots head lol

I really have had the same weird sensations. I use to be afraid to go to sleep sometimes until I was exhausted and would pass out. Good news is that symptom will go away after a bit.

Bad news is that it will be replaced with something completely new! Because that's how wonderful anxiety and panic Loves to wreck our days.

Exactly how I am... And just like you say it seems to be one thing after another with anxiety.

Hello Katie - I don't know as much as some but from the pot -pourri of replies what had I'd get along to a G.P have the physical sorted, and AS someone who has had the endyscope treatment you should make that the last port of call,not pleasant. ALSO having been BI-polar for 32 years I also know a bit about sleeplessness. It is more than horribles and omething that will definitely worsen anything else you may have going on.

I've never heard of a phone called headspace,I have a Nokia "Cortana" and trying to get that to work will keep anyone up. Katie seriously G.P first-there helpful books For People Who Panic, and there is anAmerican -Irishman surname of Barry who is worth looking up- but being from Cork he sends lots of stuff ,lots and that may help. Following the Arsenal will give all manner of ailments. Don't give up-oh write down a small list of things that are getting on your nerves and try and deal with them next day and I WAS BEING FLIPPANT ABOUT HEADSPACE,i,ve got the whole £60 won and I still am unsure but HOPE FOR THE BEST. pLEASE BELIEVE AND YOU WILL afcron.

Katie my Doctor also said it was acid reflux he gave me omeprazole I took for around two weeks felt weird symptoms from it and as if it wasn't working for me then he switched me to Pepcid for some reason at the hospital it didn't give me any sides effects but when I took it home it is stop that also so now I take 1 table soon of maalox which seem to work for me but I think I'm gonna have to stop that also cause my Kinesiologist doesn't want me to have anything with aluminum in it and maalox does contain this so today in a few hours I have an appointment with her and would ask what is best to take I will keep you posted on this ... But maalox is working for me at the moment remember everyone's body and immune systems are all different from one anther in some what so what might not work me might work great for you .. Always consult with your Doctor regarding any new med taking .. Take care hope you got some rest last night ...

I get that from time to time it seems to be anxiety related as I've had that on and off for years. Don't panic its not life threatening. It does trigger though bad anxiety as at the time it feels like something is really wrong

Thought this was just me!

I end up staying up most nights convinced that I'll die if I try and ignore it...

Doctors tested me for sleep apnea but test came back negative. He now reckons it's just an anxiety/panic symptom.

Another strange and more scary thing I get accompanying this is something called sleep paralysis, and every time some strange creature comes and stands in my bedroom at the end of my bed looking down at me... Hopefully you haven't experienced this too!

Wow. I know exactly how you feel.

I Katie, I get this too, and it's the worst!

I actually went to the ER thinking I was having mini strokes!

Because i get a weird sensation in my head and I feel my body get weak- while I'm asleep- as if I'm blacking out- I wake up and it seems like I have to talk myself through breathing - or I won't breath! I feel strange like my body is just crumbling.

The ER deemed it as anxiety!

Apparently anxiety can mimic almost anything! And we get so worked up we panic on top of it. I never thought this could happen in my sleep but apparently you can panic in your sleep too.

Your not alone.. Try doing some yoga ( Iv just started) when you wake up feeli this way. It's a positive distraction

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