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Neurological symptoms

First it was all about my heart and breathing .... chest pain , fast HR, etc I was afraid I had a heart condition.

Now it's blurry vision, pins and needles , shaky hands , twitching muscles , weak , and I believe I have neurological disease

I do have health anxiety , but symptoms are very real and unseattling . Anyone else have similar symptoms ?

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Trust me it's just anxiety I experience these symptoms too! Like blurry vision and I twitch sometimes. My head feels so foggy and I feel so fatigued and unbalanced. You just worry a lot about your health. The mind controls the body and if you worrry so much about this stuff you're mind starts to think that there is something and then you feel all these Symptoms that you "think" you have . It's crazy how powerful the mind is but trust me I feel the same way as well and everyone goes through anxiety you're okay you're not alone(:


Hello my friend, looks like you have entered the second phase of anxiety. I have all of the symptoms you have mentioned and a few more. My initial symptoms 15 years ago where heart palpitations, chest pain, insomnia. Now I have trembling, pins and needles in the extremity and face, dizziness, Just to name a few. These are very disturbing and very real. However I've had all the testing done by numerous specialists and it always comes back as anxiety. I know it's difficult but please stay away from Google. Secondly accept this as anxiety. Breathing exercises, CBT, meds help enormously.

Message me any time.


I was going to mention it to my doctor for tests but I'm thinking it would be pointless . Need to get off google and try and ignore them. It's horrible when I can't even type on my phone because my hand is shaky. The symptoms come and go . It's very scary . Always seems to be something new every couple of weeks .

Thank you for your reply . Made me feel better about this


I have had all of these.i too have health anxiety,it really makes life so much harder.but maybe one day we will get over it and be able to live a happy life of luck!hope you get to feeling better!


I have the blurry vision and pins and needles, etc, and in my case the culprit was delayed reaction to Cipro. All drugs in that class can cause those things, so avoid them. For twitching muscles and other things, I found that taking a magnesium supplement to be helpful.


I’m exactly the same with the same symptoms & it’s very upsetting. I hope you’re feeling a little better by now. Xx


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