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Neurological connections ?

Is it possible that when we don't feel anxious that our neurological system still is triggered by the same anxiety that we've been suffering from . For this reason we say the anxiety came out of nowhere because in fact our brain is still processing fear as a normal interpretation of life so even when we are relaxed our brain truly is not relaxed and sends sensations through out our bodies ? Sorry if this does not make complete and total sense as when I was experiencing this today I try to describe it the best way as possible . This was a normal day for me I didn't feel anxious at all and all of a sudden I'm in the mirror and I'm putting make up on and I'm getting ready to enjoy my day and all of a sudden I feel jittery or just trembling, dizzy/ faint feeling inside of my body for no apparent reason . For this I asked the question if it is possible that our brain stay stuck in a mode even when our body does not physically feel symptoms or either our or conscious mind is noy thinking about these things ?

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JoMarie5, Yes, yes and another yes. I just read an article this morning on research done at the Neuroscience Dept of UCLA.

It said there were 5 things that will make your brain happier. (and then it explains each step)

1. Listen to music from the happiest time of your life.

2. Smile and wear Sunglasses.

3. Thing about your goals.

4. Get good sleep.

5. Beat procrastination by reducing stress and doing something simple to get started.

It's on Yahoo today and the reasoning behind each step is fully explained. Too long to go into here.

Hope you get to read it JoMarie.


Dr Claire Weekes who pioneered self help for those suffering from an anxiety disorder also explains that memory and habit also play a part even when you are fully accepting all of the weird and wonderful symptoms and tricks anxiety plays on our minds and bodies.

Every day, I drove the same route to work and back. Every day, I felt anxious the moment I woke without even knowing what I was being anxious about. Those feelings ramped up around the same point of the journey to work, even though I wasn't actually thinking about anything. It just happened. Funnily enough, I'd use the same road for leisure but the same feelings didn't happen. I figured it was because of the amount of suffering that happened to me while at work so my brain would automatically prepare my fear flight response in anticipation. However, by continually going to work no matter how bad I felt (lost count the number of days I could hardly find the energy to face the world) I eventually saw through the lies the anxiety had been telling me which made acceptance much easier. Those symptoms gradually faded away. To get to that point, I had to walk through the storm while it raged within me before I would reach the sunshine. The point is, you can't go around the storm or avoid it. To remove the fear, you have to go through it and accept all of the feelings and train yourself not to react by adding more fear which feeds your anxiety.

You cannot stop the fear flashes coming but you can learn to react to those fear flashes differently. My advice is to accept all of the symptoms you are experiencing as anxiety. Let them be there. dont try to question them or figure it all out, don't try to rid yourself of them, don't try to control them, don't avoid them and most of all, don't give them any respect because those thoughts and feelings won't be there when you recover.

Hope this helps.



i love reading ur posts....make so much sense :)

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Well said :)

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Gosh i love this response

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This happened to me again yesterday. I was at the doctors office and started to feel the vibrations through out my body. Honestly I'm so scared. As it happens through out the night. I really hope there is nothing wrong with me 😔


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