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Hi all I was just wondering if anyone experiences these symptoms I have almost daily. It revolves around my chest area so I will list them.

* Chest pains, mainly on the left side feels like it's underneath my left breast right near the rib area. Sometimes the chest pains feel like they are inside my left breast if that makes sense. It can last for seconds but it's terrifying.

* tight chest, feels almost like I'm being squeezed.

*shortness of breath

* pain seems like it can move to my right or arm of left sometimes in the shoulders.

*horrible back pain

*chest feels sore to the touch at times

*ive also noticed if I lean to my left side sometimes the chest pains start!!

That about sums it up if anyone have experienced any of this please share 😊

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I have experienced all of those on and off daily for the last 2 months! Sometimes though my chest pain is in the middle.


I get the same thing! I suffer from it almost daily but in waves. My doctor confirmed it could be 1 of 3 things. Pulled muscles/nerves. Stomach acid or exertion from stress/anxiety as muscles tighten. I had a small 5 day course of diazepam which seemed to help and the pain tends to go away with ibuprofen and antacids certainly get the burps up buttt I don't take the meds everyday as the side effects scare me - still I am really no better off. You're not alone - scary scary pain!


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