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I was wondering if anyone else sufferers with psychosis? And how are you handling it?


Sometimes I feel like I've lost the plot, everyday is different with no relief, I only get moments of what I feel and remember is normal but as soon as I see it I relapse this goes on everyday I can't stop to smell the roses because I'm scared of what I''ll see I am on medication but it only effects my physical body like being in a mild form of sleep paralysis everything just doesn't feel real anymore but I've tried to get help but it just seems not to be out there but I never stop looking so again I ask is there anyone out there?

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Hi Sally I haven't experienced psychosis myself and I can feel for you.

I have a friend who went through that feeling you describe, but he is on different

Medication now and is much better.

Maybe you could talk to your GP about adjusting your medication. I'm a bit sleepy


You will probably get a response In morning, but just to say I do sympathise

With you.

Talk again


Hi Sally

I've never suffered in that way but I know a lady that did. She had great help after she was seen by a psychiatrist. Shd had a few different meds but one suited her well and she's ok now.

Go back to your GP and explain that you need to see a psychiatrist, you should get more help that way.

All the best. X


Hi Sally.

I have just read your post and agree with what has been said already, you must see your GP and ask to be referred to a psychiatrist to get the help you obviously need. There must be different medication that will better help you.

Take care Kenny xxx

Thank you the only thing that really bothers me is I don't understand it's there is no past recollection of why for example you bump your elbow you get a bruise it's a normal reaction but I just don't know what I have done to myself that has any explanation of why it is happening nothing can not have an answer? But I will see my gp and get this numbing sort I just... have to keep walking. Kind regards Michelle

And thank you I didn't know you could be refurred to a psychiatrist by your gp great help thank you again

As I wrote this morning, I have been studying this issue of anxiety for a long long time. Now what I write and say is the fruit of a personal insight and experience. Concerning neurosis or psychosis, I can tell you that it is a serious problem. However, there is a way out. Number one to say that psychosis is a word. We are not words. We are more than words. The way we think towards things and opinions raised by conditioned thoughts we have acquired, ought to be changed.You and I can face facts. Psychosis has to do with the way we think and feel towards situations. We can be determined not to be overcome by situations. It is possible! Yes we can. It takes time, but with understanding we can find a new joy in the face of new and old challenges.

Photogeek in reply to Yalak

Yalak what you are saying is just words, and really this

Lady needs help, it's not her fault that she has this and posting all

This might make her think she is doing something to cause this.

She needs a Doctors or psychiatrist help right now, so I'm not

Sure all your words etc. would help her.

Maybe the Words that lady wants to hear are " I care !" and

I sympathise with your feelings"

Some words out of a book cannot replace human caring

Thank you photogeek you are right but I think people don't understand and it's hard to picture I can't even put into words what I'm going through I think if a had to put words to it I would use the words honest hard life and the words you expressed are the most uplifting and make me feel human care so thank you you didn't say them directly to me but it was indirectly beautiful

Hi Sally

I am so glad that my words helped.we are all suffering in some way and

We need to be compassionate with ourselves and everyone else.

I do care about you as I have a good friend in this position. Hopefully

Your Dr. Will help.

Sally let me know how you are doing and I am a good listener.

Take care and thanks for reply

Hannah x

I'm in a place where I can only feel the problem in my head my eyes are failing and I am yelling over myself to keep walking this is insanity I am finally there what is after I am scared to find out

You'll come back. I promise. I know it's the scariest place a person can go to. I promise you'll come back. Ask someone you love to please set up a psychiatrist visit for you and have them take you. You need meds. I've been where you are, many many times. You can get better, but not on your own. You've got to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

I get psychotic quite often. It is very disconcerting. I always come back to myself, no matter how far away I go. The docs need time to get the meds right, and meds are your best bet for psychosis. Meds suck, and I don't recommend them to many people, but I couldn't combat the psychosis without them. A quicker way to get relief is to voluntarily check yourself into a hospital and stay for about a week. You should be seen by a doctor every day to monitor whether the meds are helping and what needs to be changed. It sucks, but you'll get your life and your sanity back. I've had to do it several times in the past 10 years. I feel for you, and I understand exactly how you're feeling. You're not the only one.

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