So hard to be positive!

First happy new year! Well I've tried so hard to be positive over the festive period.and mostly succeeded .but once again I've been brought down with physical symptoms... By head , ears, dizzy.. But the one that's getting me the most is an underlying central stomach pain..just sits there like a heavy stone../indigestion . Im starting to think it's a serious illness, it's consuming my thoughts...please help again anyone else have this ..thank you for the support.


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2 Replies

  • Dear Lord I can sympathize. I have a lot of somatic symptoms that make me believe this is something more the just anxiety. ALS and MS are my two biggest hang ups. This is sickening. I've been told by neurologist that They can't find anything wrong with me. I'm a mess. Dizziness headaches, weakness, pins and needles, numbness, jelly legs, slow thinking. I guess we must accept this garbage, and try to live with it.

  • I have this feeling too - you are not alone. I end up thinking the worst all the time!

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