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So for the last few weeks I've been experiencing health anxiety constant lump in my throat feeling also sometimes I'll just all of a sudden feel like I hit rock bottom and start crying idk how to deal with it all just yet as it's never happened to me before I just feel drained constantly and the meds the doctor put me on aren't working at all any advice is greatly appreciated

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I know exactly how you're feeling right now, I have been dealing with horrible panic attacks and the prescribed medication only made me sick. But something that is very important to realize is, that treatment for anxiety seems to be a process in which there is no quick or simple solution. One drug that works for some people might not work with others with same exact symptoms. I find that going to see a psychiatrist helped me the most. Just talking to someone and trying to find the root to my anxiety was very helpful.

Just remember that there are tons of treatment options. So, don't get discouraged when one doesn't quite work!


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