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Lamictal(lamotrigine) a good cure for anxiety?

Been perscribed 25mg and am afraid to take it. Are there any notacible sideaffects right away? And over time? I want to take it but my anxiety is keeping me from doing so. I just want some feedback if its relitively safe to try. I posted about natural cures but i dont think that is going to cut it. Any appreciated, Thank you.

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Have you got bipolar or epilepsy??? Cos i read thats what this drug is used for!


Firstly you do not say what condition you have and secondly who prescribed it, GP or Psychriastrist? Not being either I could not comment on why it was suggested you take it but, I would imagine that you described your symptoms and they prescribed the medicine😊. I suggest you take it as so much is wasted by patients reading the side effects and being to scared to take them. All medicines have side effects but after a couple of weeks when they get into the bloodstream all these effects subside. If you want to get better then please take them. Hope I have been helpful.


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