Serious sadness over cruelty to animals

I know this is an old post but I couldnt help but write. I feel soooo sad and upset when I hear about animal cruelty. It just stays in my mind. I feel like I just want to cry and sometimes do. I can't read posts or articles about animal suffering as I cannot control tolerate the hurt I feel. My family understand to some extent but not totally and make me feel abmormal sometimes. Why do I feel this?


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  • I, too, feel this as well Babaji1971 I dislike it so much I became vegetarian .. I put it down to being sensitive and caring

  • Yes im also a vegetarian and becoming a vegan. Yes it is being sensitive but people describe it as over sensitive. It is v hard to be like this when there is so much horrific cruelty to animals.

  • Yes I have also been called that and also that I am blowing up things out of all proportion .. Maybe that is another reason why I hide away from humans .. It is like they ridicule us for what we believe in .. I walk on pins sometimes with my heart in my mouth .. Spme people can be so cruel to animals

  • Yes, me too.

  • It's only sick & evil people who,do this & even worse the suffering of innocent little children ,bullies who prey on the defenceless who can't fight back . Such cowardice is beyond me.

  • It just means you are sensitive and caring and you shouldn't bottle it up nor feel bad about it just because others don't seem to feel the same. Just because your reaction is different to others definitely does not make it wrong.

  • Thank you all for your words. Im so glad I have been able to reach out to like minded people. Cant talk to anybody else about it as they just look at me in a weird way. But couldnt keep it bottled up longer.

  • I also am with you all.

    Babaji1971, my answer to your question "Why do I feel this?":

    Because you are one of the few who possess true empathy; who do not close their eyes & ears to reality; nor are you wilfully, culpably ignorant of the horrors, tragedies & casual cruelty everywhere & at all times.

    Such 'ignorance', endemic among most human beings, is the mechanism which gives all the abuse, neglect, exploitation, cruelty and daily genocide supposed 'legitimacy' & acceptance.

    Always remember that being in the minority is not necessarily abnormal;

    & even when it is, that's by no means a bad thing if "normal" = shallow, callous, thoughtless, compassionless, amoral, hard of heart and indifferent to the unspeakable atrocities in front of them at all times; well, I'LL choose abnormal every time ... what about yourself...?

    I find ways of coping as follows; wishing that you'll soon find your own. (Y)

    * 1. Learn as much as possible about the Facts of any issue; after you've done this, do Not distress yourself by putting more examples in your mind of the same thing.

    * 2. DO whatever you can to oppose the practice/issue - pressure the immediate perpetrators for change. There're several courses of action you can take ... but I fall asleep now... :-(

    IF I can ever find this post again, I'll return and add more detail; but I'm pretty sure you already know what I'll say. :-)

    I very much want you to know the pain you feel for innocent creatures will almost certainly become less with time; and definitely in proportion to your own level of activity to end the everyday evils...

    Never doubt yourself just if you happen to be in the minority: very good chance you're the only sane one, connected with reality and non-human lives.

    If that is so, you're miles above & ahead of most ppl right away! :-)

    Very best wishes, Aileen.

  • Hi Babaji I have just found this forum after feeling exactly like you. The sadness i carry in my heart every time i read a horrific story of animal cruelty makes me weary, sad and not living life to the max. I see things in the papers, online, social media its everywhere and horrific with photos usually. You can unsee the things you see. The anxiousness and worry it causes me is affecting my life. I wish i could scoop up every animal and protect and care for them. feel like im going mad

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