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Overthinking about animals being hurt


I am 16 years old and overthink to much , I have a dog which I love and everytime I come across a video or post of any animal being abused it's on my head 24/7 I try avioid the thought but it keeps coming back , it's making me depressed. I love Animals and can't stand for them to be hurt , my full body came out with these weird rashes I went to the doctors about it and they said it's due to stress/anxiety. My mum keeps asking me what I'm worrying about I think it's about this, how do I avoid this overthinking ? Iv tried deactivating my social media accounts so I don't see any posts but it's still comes into my head.

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I can understand how you feel I get so upset when I see anything to do with animal cruelty it's heartbreaking but I am able to not dwell on it Have you thought about volunteering at an animal rescue centre ? Maybe knowing you are helping animals will help you overcome your constant anxiety Sadly there is nothing we can do people are always going to be cruel but just by doing your bit it will help you concentrate on those animals you can help and give love and the images of those animals coming in in a horrible state being cared for and found loving homes might distract you from those horrible images you see online It's only a thought I hope you can feel better about it It shows just what a lovely caring person you are though x

It's very hard to switch off. Try to keep busy doing things you enjoy. Try colouring in. Sounds silly but it keeps your mind busy and changes the focus. Find pictures of your favourite things. 👍

I totally do that too ! I go over n over in my head how anyone could do something nasty if I read a horrible story in a way I ruminate trying to work it out never going to. It makes me tearful and sad. I'm so glad you posted it thank you for that xx

Thankyou everyone ❤️

Aw bless I know exactly how you feel. Every time I see or hear anything about animal cruelty it sticks in my mind and I can imagine what the poor animal must have gone through.

I don't know how we can stop these thoughts it's so hard to forget what we are because we are animal lovers and care so much.

Hope this helps to know you are not alone. Even at 69 years of age it still gets to me. Xx

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Awwww thankyou , I always sit there and wonder am I the only one who thinks this xx

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